Thursday, December 15, 2016

Overheard an obviously mentally, physically and emotionally distraught older gentleman muttering to himself on the subway "They want to kill me. They will not pay me more than $10 an hour". This is one cruel country we live in. We have the resources to provide food, shelter, a decent wage, education and healthcare to everyone, yet we don't. We hoard, condescend and ignore the needy instead. It sickens me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What, where, how, why, when or who?

I vote for how even though it comes with some obvious obstacles. As for the others, we can all figure out where unless it's reliant, who we know (or wish we did), what can be nonsense, when unreliable, and why... well, keep asking but you'll never get an adequate response to that one.

It's all orange smoke and fun house mirrors.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

...and in today's Fascist Funnies

President Defect Trump threatened to jail and/or revoke citizenship of Mr. Burns and Fanny Flagg. Told that one is a cartoon character and the other irrelevant unless you watch reruns of Match Game '76, Illegitimate Orange Bozo Hitler retorted "Your next!", misspelling the word You're.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Russians and Liars and Feds oh my!

We've heard and seen it all this year, and none of it sticks. There's so much you would think would matter, but apparently nothing matters to the powers that be in 2016 America. So... throw all the bums out, those incoming, etc. The "swamp" is real, the only real thing that that orange charlatan said even though it includes the orange douche who said it, plus, everyone who refuses to really right the wrongs against us all that have been perpetrated for 40 years now (not only this past year from hell). Bottom line: it's all a sham of mockery. The only thing to believe right now is our own hearts and minds.

Re: the Defecatoral College

Look, I truly would be overjoyed if the Electoral College was contested (God bless -and I'm not religious- Jill Stein for her balls), but A) Sanders should be president not Hillary if Trump get's bounced and B) it will not happen. The dangers of a Trump presidency are speculative (um... certain in my eyes) but the dangers of overturning his nazi presiDUNCEy via the Electoral College are 100% absolute. One reason Trump is so fucking frightening is that he was prepared to refuse if he had lost 11/08 (and now he may NEVER leave the White House in fact, becoming King Donald the 1st), but you can imagine that he will also ADAMANTLY then refuse any new and improved "loss" 12/19. Um, I'd say. Plus, his supporters will revolt. I say good then, revolt if need be and yes, contest the shit out of this thing as we need a civil war in this country NOW, but the outcome of all this will be exactly as it already is because the spineless Dems who are so hellbent on preserving a Democracy that isn't a Democracy will be sure to see it's so. We will wake up 12/12 as we will tomorrow with Donald Orange Clownchild Fucking Trump as our next president. What needs to happen is all the Dem bums need to be thrown out and we need a progressive revolution from the left. Let's make THAT happen. Yes bogus baby steps ala more status quo Dem leadership that's seen my standards of living further deteriorate is preferable to the outright fascism we're heading into, but this ship has sailed. All that said I'll sign everything that comes my way til the cows come home with the chickens to roost 12/19 but there is no fucking way in hell that Obama and Shillary are going to rock this boat.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"as the darkness spread upon the land it began to rain, and then it rained for 1460 days and 1460 nights. It just wouldn't let up. Cats and dogs descended from the sky, literally. This was called the new normal, and we were told to let it go, suck it up, get with the program and move on. But somewhere in this formerly great country of ours a young woman of mixed race, true compassion and searing intellect was not having it. One day en route to her low paying job from her overpriced abode she lowered her branded umbrella, risking being pummeled from above by feline and canine no less, and let out a mighty wail for all to hear. People were stopped in their tracks by the sound and the sight, but they listened as she glistened in the downpour, soon following suit. The cumulative noise was glorious and a party uproarious ensued. Not long after, the clouds retreated, and no one tweeted but birds, signaling a newer morning."

Grab the Wookie.

Friday, November 04, 2016

a few recent thoughts.

There's a video going around on Facebook where Donald Trump rapes and kills someone in cold blood and then eats the corpse, licking his fingers with glee. I can't show it right now because it's been blocked by the powers that be, but it's real. Rich Orange Clown Nazi dude is a total monster, vote for him for President and you could very well be his next victim...Regardless of it having just been Halloween, the "day of the dead" festival if you were, things are pretty freakin' scary right now in general. I hereby change the name of our country to AmSCAREica...If Trump wins I'm moving to Russia, which I guess means I'm not moving anywhere since Russia will be moving here. If Clinton wins I'm... uh... moving my email?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

if the straightjacket fits?

crystal balls

So, with each new unsavory revelation (they're not just allegations after all), the question is: what WILL it take for Trump's supporters to jump off his absurd bandwagon out of hell? He's already done and said everything, except cannibalize a small town after groping their women and children and dehumanizing the rest of the townsfolk with a litany of obscenity-laced, derogatory and sophomoric insults (and this all whilst proving over and over that he has absolutely no clue about governance, disrespects the law, is a shitty businessman who was merely propped up by his daddy, a carnival barker and a reality tv douche of the lowest common denominator who's reminded us of friggin' Hitler).

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Star Fucker.

By his own account, Donald Trump is a "Star", so he has free reign to do whatever the F he wants, including commit sexual assault apparently. One fact being ignored is that the hot mic vid is a huge indictment against our Star System AS WELL as against this monster candidate. Follow this star f--king', manhandling, orange fascist idiot at your (our) own peril.

Monday, September 12, 2016

An old bearded hippy driving an empty yellow taxi just passed me slowly blaring "My Generation" at full volume out all 4 open windows. For a fleeting moment I forgot everything.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Trump and Pooty, by Robert Grossman

The first 3 episodes of Twump and Pooty, the new maniacal strip by cartoonist Robert Grossman.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


You think the 2016 Prez election can't possibly top itself with any further outlandish stupidity and contentious, contemptuous, arrogant behavior, yet it does, seemingly daily. If this crap hadn't already been going on for 2 long years I'd say let's start over, cuz the whole thing has become a mean-spirited, head-scratching and insulting sham of a mockery like no election before it (in my memory). I also long for the days when the newsfeed here was about more then just he said she said Armchair Politicizing. What has anyone achieved? I mean is anybody really listening to anybody else? Where's Triumph the insult comic dog when we need him to bitingly sum up this farce?

Ailes steps down

Roger Ailes just stepped down... Here's the former industry heavyweight (depicted by Robert Grossman for the NY Observer in 2006) bouncing on Rupert Murdoch's knee in those carefree GOP days of your and war, the mid '00's.

Happy Days are here again.

Chachi grew up to be a real dimwitted douchebag, huh? Who's the next irrelevant F list actor/speaker to be trotted out by the TeaOP? The Big Ragoo, Tootie from Facts of Life or Gopher, the yeoman pervert on The Love Boat?

Friday, July 08, 2016

What is there left to say (after the latest cop killings and killing of cops and...)? Society is crumbling at an exponential rate.

It's all connected: the wealth gap, non-action, reliance on authority, guns, racism and eased stupidity have created a whirl-cesspool of mayhem, distrust, desperation and anger. I don't see an end to this sadly, I see it increasing, with more people poor and on the streets, and more innocent people dead. These aren't isolated incidents, but the whole can't wrap their collective heads around that. $trings are being pulled that will continue to be pulled even though it's high time plugs are on so many obviously hurtful policies.
Yes, there've been "worse" times, yet society has not learned from them. People don't work together anymore, they work for corporations, and it's every man/woman for themselves. T's hard to not think that this country is headed into uncharted territory that doesn't look promising. I'm an actor, I hold a mirror up to society and try to make people laugh or think. I've posted about change on here and my blog endlessly too, but thoughts like this seem like platitudes to me now when as a society we cannot right the most obvious and basic wrongs that we repeat over and over and only make worse. People are being driven to poverty and some madness by frustration from injustice, and it's hard not to believe that that's the plan by the money lords on high: survival of the fittest and eventual population thinning.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lobby zero$ doing a bang bang up job.

It's been written (tweeted) that masses died (again) only to be politicized (again) as Trump on the stump in error boasts "it's terror, why I'll build a wall and bomb 'em all"... The gall. Meanwhile, it may not matter what the Prez says, or what the Hawk squawks, cuz nothing will get done and the race may have just been won. At the end the day it's the NRA stupid.
An assault on us all.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Oh those whacky media maniacs!

The Media calling the Dem nomination before tomorrow's results is bogus no matter who you prefer. A) those voting Tuesday have yet to vote and B) neither have the phantom super delegates. This is not how a democracy elects someone. It's like saying "the Yankees win" before they have in some ways (ok, the Yankee$ of old), or "Dewey beats Truman!". There's a primary going on tomorrow, if this is not an establishment ploy meant to stop people from going to the polls I don't know what is. If I were a Hillary C. supporter I'd be downright ashamed by this premature gloating, which is what it is. It's not gonna win her any new fans either, that's for sure. Don't fall for the badmouthing Sanders bait/rushing him out of a race 5 months before the election crap either folks, c'mon. There'll be plenty of time after the Dem convention to pull together against the presumptive Repugnican antichrist if need be then. All that said, to hell with Drumpf the imbecilic phony fascist nominee of the other party, he cannot and will not be President. If he is, we deserve him.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

"If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize." -Muhammad Ali

RIP Ali, the greatest of all tiiiiiiiiime. Here's a classic illustration by Robert Grossman done for Esquire in 1972, and a clay caricature he did as well in 1974 (he sculpted Frazier too). Ali was truly remarkable, an icon of icons as a Sports figure, personality, conscientious objector and outspoken counterculture ambassador. I'm happy to have gotten to see some of his majestic matches live on tv back in the day.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Buck Buck

"Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher."- Donald Drumpf ....What can I say? If you're even remotely thinking about voting for this lying nazi idiot you're an imbecile of epic proportions, plain and simple-minded.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Jokerman

Enjoy this (tragically) never-published caricature by Alex Emanuel of Bob Dylan on his 75th birthday. Way to go Bob!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It would be terrific if you'd say "good-night and good-bye" Drumpf.

In the following article where 4th grade mental midget and Teapublican presidential nominee Donald Drumpf (!) makes an exception for a Muslim (this shit is real, very), he said the word "good" like ten times in one sentence. It went something like this "He's a good Muslim, and I know, because I've used the used the word good more than any other person in the world, this is a fact. It's good, terrific really, how I use good. As my wife, the Russian bimbo says, my penis is good", your penis is good honey" she says. To be honest, theres no one else as good as me, I'm the goodest, the gooderest actually, and you can quote me on that." Perhaps this absolute 100% grade Z billionaire nazi douchebag is infectious like a disease. Someone find a cure for the trumps please before that dumb shit is airborne.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

That's all for everyone

Kasich dropping out, Teapublicans lock n' goose step now behind Trump (who will do anything and say anything to get this final job promotion of all job promotions). As if we all didn't see this coming. Kasich and Cruz will be a part of Il Douche's admin via shady back door dealings and payoffs that have no doubt occurred these past few days. Regardless of whom the Democrats end up nominating, the uncontested party of no ideas, soul or integrity has found their ideal man in that orange-faced, toupeed, billionaire Mussolini wannabe that we all loathe and the media loves.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


“Cool means being able to hang with yourself. All you have to ask yourself is 'Is there anybody I’m afraid of? Is there anybody who if I walked into a room and saw, I’d get nervous?' If not, then you're cool." -Prince

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


So we have a Democrat talking about real Democratic issues, and all people can say is "how is he gonna pay for them?" That sounds like the answer of a fiscal Conservative, not a Democrat to me. As for the results in the New York primary, New York is as rich and out of touch as, well, New York has been for the last 15 years. Nothing new was learned, and the Delegate count ended up almost even for Bernie and that shrill corporate shill, just as Bernie said, whether he'd won or lost. He came "a long way baby" from being some 40 points behind weeks earlier in fact. Look, it may end up being a contested convention on both sides this year, which would be pretty historic (cool), and a blatant display of voter dissatisfaction. As sanders said, Clinton is gonna have to win over his voters, which seems like an impossible sell at this point. Economically, we're in another gilded age right now, and Clinton cannot address that fact without being laughed out of the room. It's just a matter of chipping away at those who still mistakenly see her as being for them. She's less for them then Donald Trump is in many ways. Don't forget about independents too. Sure sounds like many are discounting them, while they stand for a higher percentage of voters than registered Dems or Repugnants. They'll back Sanders over Clinton. It's not surprising that post NY the DNC is (again) calling for him to quit (even though he's doing better then Obama did at this point in 2008), that Shillary's said nothing about the voting fuck ups here, that the whole Nader blame game is ready to drop and that the coded "a socialist" (meaning: a Jew) "cannot win". They said that about Obama being black, and he was a called a socialist for 8 years. Seems he did ok. So don't fall for the BS. Let the process work itself out, sanders has earned every right to take this to the convention, plus, next week there's a primary with far more at stake then NY, so at least wait for that one and CA. Rushing to judgement is not the democratic way. Hell, I don't see Trump people demanding Cruz and Kasich bow out. The longer Bernie stays in the more those unconvinced about him will realize Clinton is not for them. It's not just white millennials who are voting for Sanders, that's an over simplification. She's also doing nothing to win over his legions, nada. I think the Clinton camp needs to realize they cannot win without him, but instead they continue to diminish him, further driving a wedge btw her and many. I'm a longtime Democrat, since 1984, and Clinton's not a democrat, or not the kind I respect that gives two shits about the things I care about. She a centrist, to the right of Obama. Sanders supporters have every right to call her on her bull$hit, and the higher than thou way her camp responds speaks volumes. So, all that said, keep up the good fight Sanders take it to the limit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A comic strip by Robert Grossman from New York magazine, 1971.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016

Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

The above is one of the real "The Donalds", Sutherland. I can't remember where I saw this (the original pic of course is from the spine tingling Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake from the late 70's) but it appears on my Fb as a post I'd shared 5 years ago. Seems appropriate now as the fake orange Il Douche Drumpf Donald has pointed his stubby sausage link sized finger at everyone but himself this horrific, historic Presidential race. I'm not gonna weigh in on it here, as what's there to say that hasn't been said, but it's still curious to me how the bullshit media just runs with stuff for ratings and sensationalism knowing we may very well be entering the darkest part of American history since the Red Scare, and one perhaps rivaling the Civil war and slave trade if we keep heading down the path to Idiocracy and fascism we're heading. As is the case everyday nowadays, I'm reminded of how abhorrent and encouraging of impending doom the media has become by scanning the Fb newsfeed and reading the papers. Today, it was reported what Michelle Bachman Turner Overdrive said. Um... why is she still even remotely relevant (she isn't)? Why do her nut case twat farts make news, at all? She's nobody, hasn't been anybody for years (if she ever was anybody). the media seriously needs to stop posting about her and Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and other absolutely nonessential human beings already.It's like when they say a pro wrestler or former reality show child celebrity or something has "endorsed" a candidate. Why the fuck does it matter who or what they like, please? The media is just spreading info that falls on the "no need to know this crap" scale. Is this what freedom of the press has become? Freedom to publish toilet paper wipings? It's sad, especially in a Presidential year where people need to know important facts. It's a waste of time even if I just have to pass it on a news feed. Now I'm not saying people shouldn't have the right to say dumb fucking shit and tell us about dumb fucking people saying dumb fucking shit, I'm not into suppression or oppression, but where's responsible journalism? Give me the days where we knew there was the real stuff ands the national Enquirer, now it's a free for all of "look what I wrote". It's brain rotting stuff, and invasive as t's EVERYWHERE. It's uncool. We'll leave it at that. G'night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the good ship Boaty McBoatface

Apparently a $380 million ship may be named Boaty McBoatface thanks to an online poll according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Well... as it should. I woulda voted for it to be called The Ship of Fools though, but Boaty Mac is pretty good. People all over the world have lost it because everything has become a heaping pile of nonsense, injustice and hypocrisy. There is more like this to come, mark my words, and so one day votes will be simply be taken away from the non-rich. Before that day arises can we have a poll as to what to rename New York $ity? How about GentrificNation? (yeah, not funny enough I know).

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making up for lost mind.

I did not post at all on here in 2006, 2008 or 2012. There were years flanking those where I posted like twice all year. No one reads this blog, which perhaps bugged me at one point, but now I love that. I've had this page for 12 years now and it's easier than ever to open up this link and post, no hoops, no worries. Write, rant, link, "publish" a pic of mine or someone else's what have you, I can do fucking anything on here... Ok, state of my life: things are whack right now to be sure. After years of supposedly moving upwards in my field of excellence, I'm at yet another crossroads in my life, and about to hit a round fucking number like no other. The last time I decade-ed it I ignored this page. I wish I hadn't, as I would've liked to have read in retrospect what I was going though but... I do remember the basic facts: my "final" band (and, as it were, my 27 years of band life) had come to a crashing end, save for a final sweet lil' tour to Big Sky country a few months hence. I'd recently screwed up a budding relationship with a female celebrity as my financials were all over the map, as was my mind, and I was depressed. Majorly so. I embarked upon my present "career", not knowing what was up, or forward, and alas, I made strides. Over the next ten years I would never be late on rent again while I built up and upon my resume, gained respect and... for what? Aye yai yai, there's the rub. The bottom line is that no one gives a shit, least of all this business or my landlords. People only care about themselves, and you in relation to their needs. Altruism and empathy are in short shrift in this land, but I digress. Depression has hit again like a sack of flour these past 6 months leading up to next months big (birth) day. What has been good is a reemergence of other talents I'd ignored while chasing that elusive and great paid role in the sky: I'm writing again (yeah, here, but more importantly, there), I've demo'd 20 songs for a film I'm a producer on, and... who knows, I may even fucking draw and paint again. So, in the midst of a dry spell and the utter fright of getting yet older, there's a hope. That said, I'd like to repeat my vows again for "snot" as well, as this page is a good thing. Perhaps it will be a time capsule in the end, or a book, or an art show, or a roll of digi toilet paper (who the crap knows), but it shall flow freely from me henceforth at a rate it never did in the past, mark my words. This page started with myspace and Rollo and has survived Facebook and the gobbledygook of gentrified corruption that's swept the city I was born in like a tornado these past 8 years since the "crash", and though I haven't the motherfucking foggiest what the future holds, least of all for me, I shall do my best to hold your attention here for years to come. Love and rock 'n' roll -RM

Entirely the same bs, on repeat.

Sometimes I'll give a decent rant to someone's FB response and, well, post it here (perhaps for lack of an original thought to put instead). Here's a short rant from the other day in response to someone saying "This rich/poor white-on-white divide & conquer tactic is at the epicenter of the Republican meltdown. It finally reared up & swallowed em whole. Now we all have to deal with it. Fuckers", which was in response to a video titled The Ploy of Wealthy Europeans to keep you distracted: Yes, but it's the epicenter of it all man, Dem and Republican. Blind eyes have been turned by both parties: the centrist party (Dems) have done jack all too and are still trotting out Reagan Dem ideology (even though it hasn't worked). They're the GOP of 25 years ago, albeit more palatable just by virtue of being called Democrat, even though not much links them to their Kennedy, Johnson, McGovern, FDR past, and none of what they espouse will trickle down, it never does. These parties have been flip flopping for 200 years, what's held steady is the rich Euro elite who want shit done for them and can't spare a dime. Our party voters are actually behind the right in realizing that people are fed up, we should all be for Sanders. I'm white, I'm liberal, I'm poor and struggling and have nothing in common with these Euro elite fuckers who've been doing this shit for centuries now. Divide, conquer, leave barefoot, pregnant and working your ass off too much to be able to even think about doing anything about it. It's tried and true. Hard to blame all the idiot legions who support Trump, only the racist, xenophobic contingent. Sad that they've all been duped yet again though via a different kind of charlatan. It's entirely the same bs, on repeat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey Lefty, get ready for a new Reich wing PresiDUNCE.

Well that kinda blew yesterday. I know Sanders faired well, but 2nd place finishes mean jack when all is said and done (I know, I'm an actor, you're either cast or not). The left should really consider taking a page out of the new right's book and nominate someone who gets all the rampant dissatisfaction out there, before the Presidency becomes the PresiDUNCEy... and the new Reich. Will say it one more time: I think we're seriously underestimating the fed up contingent groundswell, and Trump will surely soften his divisive rhetoric in the end to bring in the GOP establishment (who've already sold their souls, so what is there left for them to lose?) before all those who may have voted for Sanders accept another Clinton.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Ever since I was a young Jew growing up in Bklyn" -Hillary on SNL

Great clip. Hillary is a Reagan liberal though (read "moderate republican") to the core, Bernie can keep pushing her left til the cows come home but she doesn't believe what he says, and the middle and working class will continue to plummet/get left out in the cold if she's the nominee. The ideology she supports has not worked, and it never will, why all Dems cannot see that boggles the mind. Must be that they're doing well. Good for them. Look, I'd probably like our current President personally if we met, Obama seems like a smart, cool guy with a good sense of humor, but the last 7 years have been a continuation of a never ending downward spiral economically for so so many. As for Trump, his fans aren't just racist homophobes and xenophobes. Those are ideas that are fucking with their heads, but it's not as simple as "that's who they are". These are people that have been screwed by both parties for almost 40 years now, but they've been brainwashed by the Right as well, and so can't see clearly that Trump is a charlatan. Sanders is the only answer right now to pull those folks, and those left leaning who've struggled financially, back into the safety net (and some back into reality), and even Trump knows that. The GOP (TeaOP)'s words and actions over the past 7 years, PLUS inaction from BOTH parties, COMBINED with the REAL frustration from all those years of spiraling costs and dwindling opportunity (let's please not discount those factors, it's way too easy to scapegoat here), led to Trumpism, and only Sanders' Populist message can quell the chaos. Trump is capitalizing on an opportunity as a greedy businessman might. He's more afraid of Bernie than Hillary, it's obvious, and Hillary will lose a general election to him in a battle of insincerity unless she fully embraces Sanders views. Unfortunately, even if she does though, as I said, she will never believe them. Clinton is the consummate do anything, say anything establishment politician, like Rubio but less severe, and like Trump is becoming (although Il Douche is embracing political incorrectness like a hole in the head), and too many people know that.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump (yet again) blames everyone but the kitchen sink.

Trump (yet again) blames everyone but the kitchen sink. This time it's Bernie, his "thugs" and the Chicago police. Last time it was the Mexicans, Muslims, weak Jeb, pathological Ben, pussy Ted, lil' Marco, Hillary, her husband, FOXy Megyn and the rest of the media et all. Truth is that Orange Fascist F--k Face has no one to blame but himself, the whackjob supporters he's stirred up and GOP fat cats (who with their partisan policies and corporate claptrap have caused rising inequality that's hallowed out the middle class and immiserated everyone but the wealthy).

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Paid for by no one.

Things need to change. Now. The destruction of the majority of Americans societal net (that which should be our basic and innate rights as tax paying members of society let alone human beings), our depleted standards of living, the scarcity of opportunities for upward mobility and the consequential denial, lack of empathy and perhaps deliberate ignoring of this reality (and in many situations corruption) by those unaffected, has reached a boiling point. People are "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore". I'm mad as hell, have been for years witnessing and experiencing this decline and fall begat at first by Reagan's ludicrous trickle theory, are you? It's time for resistance and action, whatever that means to you. We can continue to be led astray by con artists who claim to have our best interest in mind, and by folks who go along with a flawed flow til the cows come home and the Earth burns up (which is another topic we've been disastrously failing to deal with at the exact same time, and quite important I'd say) or not, simple as that. Anyway, the above is a thought I had today while riding the sheepway train to nowhere. Everyone on it, including those distracted by their games and imusic, looked fucking miserable, and I don't blame them; going to low paying, dead end jobs or looking for work in a futile attempt to pay for the ever rising, exorbitant costs of living... When is enough enough? That's all I got, the Revolution will be Televised obviously. Now carry on with your hopefully fulfilling lives. Disclaimer: This post hasn't been approved by Sanders for President 2016 but it might as well be. Oh, and to hell with that Trump nonsense, he's a rich fascist fake. He (and ALL the other candidates) cares less about you than his stock options, or even a new pair of socks for that matter. Truth.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

In honor of Lou Reed's Birthday

I just read it was Lou Reed's birthday. Here's a never published caricature illustration I did of the man 16 years ago. If anyone wants to use the art for anything let me know, it's still for sale... Hope you're rockin' up there man.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

They ask me continually via email who I'm for; Bernie or Hillary. Here's my short response.

The corruption in this country is off the rails. I've seen standards of living for everyone not rich fall drastically since Reagan. Obama was a great President given the cards he was dealt, but gains didn't reach the former middle, working class and poor. My health insurance premiums have actually gone up, not down, on a par with everything else (rent, cost of food etc), everything that is except wages. Work has been harder to get in my field if you're not already working or able to "pay to play". Now Clinton may be fine, but we don't need "fine", we need action. I'm also skeptical of her past (young Republican for Goldwater, working for Walmart, her niceties with Kissinger and that fascist antiChrist Trump), not to mention that her husband embarrassed the Presidency, making him persona non grata during the 2000 Election (thus paving the way for the worst President ever in Bush). Bill Clinton also supported and signed into law more financial deregulation legislation than any other President before him, and dissolved the Depression-era Glass-Steagall law, so why should his wife be awarded the Presidency as if she's an actor who's "due" an Oscar after losing out so many times on the extraneous, luxury back scratching (patting) award? Awwww... poor Leo Decaprio and Hillary, they've suffered. The hell they have, they're worth ducats up the ying yang each, and neither are the best candidate/nominee, let's be honest. Ok, Leo will win the Best Actor self-congratulation Award, he has little competition this year, but Sanders is the better Presidential candidate to fight for and lead us into the future, and the only one seemingly to have empathy for all of us left behind by Reagan's steady trickle of piss and the giant steaming dump Dubya deposited on our collective heads.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It ain't "Bernie or Bust" stupid. Yeah, there's a difference, a big one, but not bigger then the Grand Canyon-sized chasm the Dems have with the Teapublicans.

You read the newsfeed on here and every other post is "damning evidence about Hillary" this or "Bernie's pipe dream" that. Get a life. Come November, whichever one of them is the nominee has my vote, for better or for worse. Do they have yours? I'm with Sanders until then, but this "she said, he said" see-saw shouldn't keep your eyes off the prize: defeating those backwards, fascist fear-monger$ on the other side. They have no respect for the Constitution and no empathy for you (unless you're a filthy rich, racist, gun toting church goer).

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Supreme Justice?

I can't cheer a person's passing, but let's hope this is just the first death knoll of the Reagan Revolting-lution that's destroyed SO MANY lives.
Robert Grossman's Antonin Scalia illustration, which first appeared in The New Republic, Dec. 5th, 1992.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Stating the Obvious

Less than 2 weeks ago more than 2 feet of snow fell in NYC. Today, there is nary a milligram of moisture remaining on the ground from the "Blizzard of the Century", aka Snowmageddon. It will be 116 degrees in July and the increasing impoverished percentage of humanity that cannot afford the soon-to-be premium costs of air-conditioning (or shuttle themselves to and fro in their luxury vehicles) will be burnt to a crisp before the year 2100.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016


You can still hear many of those bloated 70's tunes over and over and over again on the machine that is Classic Rock Radio (I'd rather not, was tired of them back then, esp. "Hotel CA"), but "Your Lyin' Eyes", "Peaceful Easy Feelin'", "New Kid in Town" and many other songs I was unmercifully bludgeoned over the head with as a kid do bring back a simpler, sweet n' hazy, sun washed, faded denim era of easy goin' days long gone bye...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prez Ups (and downs)

It boggles the mind that two of the stupidest, most vile, hate mongering, slime ridden imbeciles on Earth are still leading the pack of one of the two major American political parties. As if said party hadn't already soiled this country enough over the last 48 years with the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer. A large part of our population are seemingly not "doin' their learnin'", or were apparently just born with skewed brainular activity that is sadly beyond repair.

Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie... Sigh.

Losing Bowie hurts. A day later his songs rippling in my head. I'm happy I got to see him play (even though it was the Serious Moonlight tour, a far cry from Ziggy or the Thin White Duke days), and unbelievably it was less than a week ago that I posted on here for his birthday about meeting him once in Soho; how gracious he was as I told him I was a huge fan and a musician who'd played his songs. I never approach celebs, but fuck, this was Bowie! Little did I know then or last week that I'd be mourning him so soon after. Bowie was someone I wanted to know more, and respected to the nth degree from afar. I appreciated him as the consummate artist he was, the advocate for underground music I loved, and the private, enigmatic gentleman he came off as, not just as another performer. He truly was one of kind, and listening to all his albums this past day have recalled many other moments in my life, among them playing "John I'm only Dancing" and "Panic in Detroit" with my band the KGB in high school, listening to Low and Lodger over and over on cassette, the day my uncle gave me a gift certificate to Tower and I ran and bought Hunky Dory and Rise and Fall of Ziggy on vinyl... It's hard to imagine a world without Bowie in fact. Just a few weeks ago his name popped up in casting of the film I'm producing as the ultimate choice for one role. He was a true icon, I can't say that about many people we hold on a pedestal. His passing recalled for me the day Lennon died, and when Kurt died. I, as it seems so many are on here, am feeling a genuine loss for someone I, we, didn't know, but that doesn't matter. We felt that we did, and we know and love his music, his interviews and film appearances, and pretty much everything about the man and his legacy. Thankfully, in that respect Bowie will be with us forever.