Thursday, October 13, 2016

if the straightjacket fits?

crystal balls

So, with each new unsavory revelation (they're not just allegations after all), the question is: what WILL it take for Trump's supporters to jump off his absurd bandwagon out of hell? He's already done and said everything, except cannibalize a small town after groping their women and children and dehumanizing the rest of the townsfolk with a litany of obscenity-laced, derogatory and sophomoric insults (and this all whilst proving over and over that he has absolutely no clue about governance, disrespects the law, is a shitty businessman who was merely propped up by his daddy, a carnival barker and a reality tv douche of the lowest common denominator who's reminded us of friggin' Hitler).

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Star Fucker.

By his own account, Donald Trump is a "Star", so he has free reign to do whatever the F he wants, including commit sexual assault apparently. One fact being ignored is that the hot mic vid is a huge indictment against our Star System AS WELL as against this monster candidate. Follow this star f--king', manhandling, orange fascist idiot at your (our) own peril.