Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I updated Kyle Goen's 2004 poster of Dubya (which I still have a sticker of adorning the back of my electric bass) because it seemed appropriate. This orange nut job "the people" elected is a real deal madman. www.kylegoen.net/elect-a-madman-you-get-madness/

Thursday, July 27, 2017

To Pay or Not to Play, that is the question...

It really is. I haven't written here in a while, as more often than not I simply do not see the point anymore. This City, this Country, and perhaps the Entire World has gone to shit. Corruption, legal in the US, is not only practiced but it is embraced and gleefully, blindly worshipped. I could not post this post on Facebook, the sounding board of the masses that means nada in the vast scheme of things (it may as well be snap chat it's so fucking useless and trivial). We have an evil orange clown as President, presiding over a circus of madmen yet there is no resistance movement but a banner that says resist. It's a bowel movement, the counter culture and unions have been decimated and replaced by smiling cyborgs. Where do they come from? the 80's no doubt. A motherlode mothership of yes-men and yes-women have infiltrated the masses and, let's be honest, won. Truth be told, there is no future at this point if you are not filthy rich sheep. There is just idiocracy, a sound bludgeoning of numbness that will inevitably lead to more pain and suffering en route to unmarked graves. Ok, I sound pessimistic, like a "dark lord" (as I was called recently), but someone give me one shimmering reason to believe that that we are not ROYALLY FUCKED??‽!! I guess I'm gonna have to cough it up somehow if I want to survive anymore. Lobotomize Wide Shut.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Twump and Pooty, episode 10

The latest episode (10) of Twump and Pooty, by esteemed illustrator Robert Grossman. To see episodes 1-9 visit his website.