Sunday, November 01, 2015

Two polar opposite experiences just now. First, the fed up, wealthy looking woman at the crowded Whole Foods who slams her stroller into me. I apologize profusely, even though I didn't do anything, cuz, well, there's a kid. She then says "how about I hit you over the head with this stroller". That's the point when she gets told (correctly) to f-off. Soon afterwards, I'm at my crowded neighborhood laundromat. I accidentally put my coins in the wrong dryer, so I start to empty it out into the one below and some hits the floor. A sweet Hispanic lady sitting there says to her son "JJ, help the man out, don't let his his socks hit the floor". Her lil' tyke does with a smile, picking wet socks up and helping me reload my clothes. America in a nutshell, right there.