Friday, March 25, 2016

Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

The above is one of the real "The Donalds", Sutherland. I can't remember where I saw this (the original pic of course is from the spine tingling Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake from the late 70's) but it appears on my Fb as a post I'd shared 5 years ago. Seems appropriate now as the fake orange Il Douche Drumpf Donald has pointed his stubby sausage link sized finger at everyone but himself this horrific, historic Presidential race. I'm not gonna weigh in on it here, as what's there to say that hasn't been said, but it's still curious to me how the bullshit media just runs with stuff for ratings and sensationalism knowing we may very well be entering the darkest part of American history since the Red Scare, and one perhaps rivaling the Civil war and slave trade if we keep heading down the path to Idiocracy and fascism we're heading. As is the case everyday nowadays, I'm reminded of how abhorrent and encouraging of impending doom the media has become by scanning the Fb newsfeed and reading the papers. Today, it was reported what Michelle Bachman Turner Overdrive said. Um... why is she still even remotely relevant (she isn't)? Why do her nut case twat farts make news, at all? She's nobody, hasn't been anybody for years (if she ever was anybody). the media seriously needs to stop posting about her and Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and other absolutely nonessential human beings already.It's like when they say a pro wrestler or former reality show child celebrity or something has "endorsed" a candidate. Why the fuck does it matter who or what they like, please? The media is just spreading info that falls on the "no need to know this crap" scale. Is this what freedom of the press has become? Freedom to publish toilet paper wipings? It's sad, especially in a Presidential year where people need to know important facts. It's a waste of time even if I just have to pass it on a news feed. Now I'm not saying people shouldn't have the right to say dumb fucking shit and tell us about dumb fucking people saying dumb fucking shit, I'm not into suppression or oppression, but where's responsible journalism? Give me the days where we knew there was the real stuff ands the national Enquirer, now it's a free for all of "look what I wrote". It's brain rotting stuff, and invasive as t's EVERYWHERE. It's uncool. We'll leave it at that. G'night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the good ship Boaty McBoatface

Apparently a $380 million ship may be named Boaty McBoatface thanks to an online poll according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Well... as it should. I woulda voted for it to be called The Ship of Fools though, but Boaty Mac is pretty good. People all over the world have lost it because everything has become a heaping pile of nonsense, injustice and hypocrisy. There is more like this to come, mark my words, and so one day votes will be simply be taken away from the non-rich. Before that day arises can we have a poll as to what to rename New York $ity? How about GentrificNation? (yeah, not funny enough I know).

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making up for lost mind.

I did not post at all on here in 2006, 2008 or 2012. There were years flanking those where I posted like twice all year. No one reads this blog, which perhaps bugged me at one point, but now I love that. I've had this page for 12 years now and it's easier than ever to open up this link and post, no hoops, no worries. Write, rant, link, "publish" a pic of mine or someone else's what have you, I can do fucking anything on here... Ok, state of my life: things are whack right now to be sure. After years of supposedly moving upwards in my field of excellence, I'm at yet another crossroads in my life, and about to hit a round fucking number like no other. The last time I decade-ed it I ignored this page. I wish I hadn't, as I would've liked to have read in retrospect what I was going though but... I do remember the basic facts: my "final" band (and, as it were, my 27 years of band life) had come to a crashing end, save for a final sweet lil' tour to Big Sky country a few months hence. I'd recently screwed up a budding relationship with a female celebrity as my financials were all over the map, as was my mind, and I was depressed. Majorly so. I embarked upon my present "career", not knowing what was up, or forward, and alas, I made strides. Over the next ten years I would never be late on rent again while I built up and upon my resume, gained respect and... for what? Aye yai yai, there's the rub. The bottom line is that no one gives a shit, least of all this business or my landlords. People only care about themselves, and you in relation to their needs. Altruism and empathy are in short shrift in this land, but I digress. Depression has hit again like a sack of flour these past 6 months leading up to next months big (birth) day. What has been good is a reemergence of other talents I'd ignored while chasing that elusive and great paid role in the sky: I'm writing again (yeah, here, but more importantly, there), I've demo'd 20 songs for a film I'm a producer on, and... who knows, I may even fucking draw and paint again. So, in the midst of a dry spell and the utter fright of getting yet older, there's a hope. That said, I'd like to repeat my vows again for "snot" as well, as this page is a good thing. Perhaps it will be a time capsule in the end, or a book, or an art show, or a roll of digi toilet paper (who the crap knows), but it shall flow freely from me henceforth at a rate it never did in the past, mark my words. This page started with myspace and Rollo and has survived Facebook and the gobbledygook of gentrified corruption that's swept the city I was born in like a tornado these past 8 years since the "crash", and though I haven't the motherfucking foggiest what the future holds, least of all for me, I shall do my best to hold your attention here for years to come. Love and rock 'n' roll -RM

Entirely the same bs, on repeat.

Sometimes I'll give a decent rant to someone's FB response and, well, post it here (perhaps for lack of an original thought to put instead). Here's a short rant from the other day in response to someone saying "This rich/poor white-on-white divide & conquer tactic is at the epicenter of the Republican meltdown. It finally reared up & swallowed em whole. Now we all have to deal with it. Fuckers", which was in response to a video titled The Ploy of Wealthy Europeans to keep you distracted: Yes, but it's the epicenter of it all man, Dem and Republican. Blind eyes have been turned by both parties: the centrist party (Dems) have done jack all too and are still trotting out Reagan Dem ideology (even though it hasn't worked). They're the GOP of 25 years ago, albeit more palatable just by virtue of being called Democrat, even though not much links them to their Kennedy, Johnson, McGovern, FDR past, and none of what they espouse will trickle down, it never does. These parties have been flip flopping for 200 years, what's held steady is the rich Euro elite who want shit done for them and can't spare a dime. Our party voters are actually behind the right in realizing that people are fed up, we should all be for Sanders. I'm white, I'm liberal, I'm poor and struggling and have nothing in common with these Euro elite fuckers who've been doing this shit for centuries now. Divide, conquer, leave barefoot, pregnant and working your ass off too much to be able to even think about doing anything about it. It's tried and true. Hard to blame all the idiot legions who support Trump, only the racist, xenophobic contingent. Sad that they've all been duped yet again though via a different kind of charlatan. It's entirely the same bs, on repeat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey Lefty, get ready for a new Reich wing PresiDUNCE.

Well that kinda blew yesterday. I know Sanders faired well, but 2nd place finishes mean jack when all is said and done (I know, I'm an actor, you're either cast or not). The left should really consider taking a page out of the new right's book and nominate someone who gets all the rampant dissatisfaction out there, before the Presidency becomes the PresiDUNCEy... and the new Reich. Will say it one more time: I think we're seriously underestimating the fed up contingent groundswell, and Trump will surely soften his divisive rhetoric in the end to bring in the GOP establishment (who've already sold their souls, so what is there left for them to lose?) before all those who may have voted for Sanders accept another Clinton.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Ever since I was a young Jew growing up in Bklyn" -Hillary on SNL

Great clip. Hillary is a Reagan liberal though (read "moderate republican") to the core, Bernie can keep pushing her left til the cows come home but she doesn't believe what he says, and the middle and working class will continue to plummet/get left out in the cold if she's the nominee. The ideology she supports has not worked, and it never will, why all Dems cannot see that boggles the mind. Must be that they're doing well. Good for them. Look, I'd probably like our current President personally if we met, Obama seems like a smart, cool guy with a good sense of humor, but the last 7 years have been a continuation of a never ending downward spiral economically for so so many. As for Trump, his fans aren't just racist homophobes and xenophobes. Those are ideas that are fucking with their heads, but it's not as simple as "that's who they are". These are people that have been screwed by both parties for almost 40 years now, but they've been brainwashed by the Right as well, and so can't see clearly that Trump is a charlatan. Sanders is the only answer right now to pull those folks, and those left leaning who've struggled financially, back into the safety net (and some back into reality), and even Trump knows that. The GOP (TeaOP)'s words and actions over the past 7 years, PLUS inaction from BOTH parties, COMBINED with the REAL frustration from all those years of spiraling costs and dwindling opportunity (let's please not discount those factors, it's way too easy to scapegoat here), led to Trumpism, and only Sanders' Populist message can quell the chaos. Trump is capitalizing on an opportunity as a greedy businessman might. He's more afraid of Bernie than Hillary, it's obvious, and Hillary will lose a general election to him in a battle of insincerity unless she fully embraces Sanders views. Unfortunately, even if she does though, as I said, she will never believe them. Clinton is the consummate do anything, say anything establishment politician, like Rubio but less severe, and like Trump is becoming (although Il Douche is embracing political incorrectness like a hole in the head), and too many people know that.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump (yet again) blames everyone but the kitchen sink.

Trump (yet again) blames everyone but the kitchen sink. This time it's Bernie, his "thugs" and the Chicago police. Last time it was the Mexicans, Muslims, weak Jeb, pathological Ben, pussy Ted, lil' Marco, Hillary, her husband, FOXy Megyn and the rest of the media et all. Truth is that Orange Fascist F--k Face has no one to blame but himself, the whackjob supporters he's stirred up and GOP fat cats (who with their partisan policies and corporate claptrap have caused rising inequality that's hallowed out the middle class and immiserated everyone but the wealthy).

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Paid for by no one.

Things need to change. Now. The destruction of the majority of Americans societal net (that which should be our basic and innate rights as tax paying members of society let alone human beings), our depleted standards of living, the scarcity of opportunities for upward mobility and the consequential denial, lack of empathy and perhaps deliberate ignoring of this reality (and in many situations corruption) by those unaffected, has reached a boiling point. People are "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore". I'm mad as hell, have been for years witnessing and experiencing this decline and fall begat at first by Reagan's ludicrous trickle theory, are you? It's time for resistance and action, whatever that means to you. We can continue to be led astray by con artists who claim to have our best interest in mind, and by folks who go along with a flawed flow til the cows come home and the Earth burns up (which is another topic we've been disastrously failing to deal with at the exact same time, and quite important I'd say) or not, simple as that. Anyway, the above is a thought I had today while riding the sheepway train to nowhere. Everyone on it, including those distracted by their games and imusic, looked fucking miserable, and I don't blame them; going to low paying, dead end jobs or looking for work in a futile attempt to pay for the ever rising, exorbitant costs of living... When is enough enough? That's all I got, the Revolution will be Televised obviously. Now carry on with your hopefully fulfilling lives. Disclaimer: This post hasn't been approved by Sanders for President 2016 but it might as well be. Oh, and to hell with that Trump nonsense, he's a rich fascist fake. He (and ALL the other candidates) cares less about you than his stock options, or even a new pair of socks for that matter. Truth.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

In honor of Lou Reed's Birthday

I just read it was Lou Reed's birthday. Here's a never published caricature illustration I did of the man 16 years ago. If anyone wants to use the art for anything let me know, it's still for sale... Hope you're rockin' up there man.