Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Paid for by no one.

Things need to change. Now. The destruction of the majority of Americans societal net (that which should be our basic and innate rights as tax paying members of society let alone human beings), our depleted standards of living, the scarcity of opportunities for upward mobility and the consequential denial, lack of empathy and perhaps deliberate ignoring of this reality (and in many situations corruption) by those unaffected, has reached a boiling point. People are "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore". I'm mad as hell, have been for years witnessing and experiencing this decline and fall begat at first by Reagan's ludicrous trickle theory, are you? It's time for resistance and action, whatever that means to you. We can continue to be led astray by con artists who claim to have our best interest in mind, and by folks who go along with a flawed flow til the cows come home and the Earth burns up (which is another topic we've been disastrously failing to deal with at the exact same time, and quite important I'd say) or not, simple as that. Anyway, the above is a thought I had today while riding the sheepway train to nowhere. Everyone on it, including those distracted by their games and imusic, looked fucking miserable, and I don't blame them; going to low paying, dead end jobs or looking for work in a futile attempt to pay for the ever rising, exorbitant costs of living... When is enough enough? That's all I got, the Revolution will be Televised obviously. Now carry on with your hopefully fulfilling lives. Disclaimer: This post hasn't been approved by Sanders for President 2016 but it might as well be. Oh, and to hell with that Trump nonsense, he's a rich fascist fake. He (and ALL the other candidates) cares less about you than his stock options, or even a new pair of socks for that matter. Truth.

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