Sunday, March 20, 2016

Entirely the same bs, on repeat.

Sometimes I'll give a decent rant to someone's FB response and, well, post it here (perhaps for lack of an original thought to put instead). Here's a short rant from the other day in response to someone saying "This rich/poor white-on-white divide & conquer tactic is at the epicenter of the Republican meltdown. It finally reared up & swallowed em whole. Now we all have to deal with it. Fuckers", which was in response to a video titled The Ploy of Wealthy Europeans to keep you distracted: Yes, but it's the epicenter of it all man, Dem and Republican. Blind eyes have been turned by both parties: the centrist party (Dems) have done jack all too and are still trotting out Reagan Dem ideology (even though it hasn't worked). They're the GOP of 25 years ago, albeit more palatable just by virtue of being called Democrat, even though not much links them to their Kennedy, Johnson, McGovern, FDR past, and none of what they espouse will trickle down, it never does. These parties have been flip flopping for 200 years, what's held steady is the rich Euro elite who want shit done for them and can't spare a dime. Our party voters are actually behind the right in realizing that people are fed up, we should all be for Sanders. I'm white, I'm liberal, I'm poor and struggling and have nothing in common with these Euro elite fuckers who've been doing this shit for centuries now. Divide, conquer, leave barefoot, pregnant and working your ass off too much to be able to even think about doing anything about it. It's tried and true. Hard to blame all the idiot legions who support Trump, only the racist, xenophobic contingent. Sad that they've all been duped yet again though via a different kind of charlatan. It's entirely the same bs, on repeat.

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