Saturday, February 24, 2018

"Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society"

Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society
Our entire way of life here is devised around taking over and one upping the next guy, gal or ethnicity. Greed and selfishness as opposed to selflessness, make it in America (at the expense of others). The country has tried to evolve but its Id (the dark side) is powerful. Americans get off on it daily. We may preach that “all men are created equal”, but angst, an inferiority complex and inherent penchant for Inequality is at the root of America as much if not more than equality. The US needs a whole lotta fixin’, it’s an immature child at a new school in need of therapy in comparison to other countries.

A wise man once said today...

Man getting thrown out of Starbucks: “The only right you got in this world is the right to take a crap”. Just gonna leave that there. He came back in and said “Instead of worrying about the fucking customers you’re worried about the bathroom.” Gonna leave that one there too.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fashion Weak Digest

I sat next to a tall, young dark haired model on the subway today. We pass a few stops, then all of a sudden she stands up abruptly as if she's exiting at the next stop, but really as though she was leaving the scene of a crime, her crime, for immediately, the area and air around us begins to wreak like the worst fart one has ever encountered. It was obviously from her as she did not get out, yet just stood there with that same blank model expression she wore while sitting next to me. A stop goes by and everyone's holding their noses, gasping for a breath of clean air. I may have been the only one who knew who the unlikely culprit was, but, well, you know the old adage "whoever smelt it dealt it", so I wouldn't kiss and tell, or even nod in her direction. After her passed gas elapsed I get off at the next stop, as does she, and her secret remained safe with me for all of eternity.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tuesday, January 02, 2018


After seeing a movie New Years Day eve and grabbing some dinner, I was the victim of a mugging/attempted robbery while walking home just past 11pm. Now I’ve lived in NYC all my life (give or take a few years) and this has never happened to me. I’ll let you read into what I think that says about the NYC of now... Anyway, I was walking on the LES when all of sudden someone seemed to be walking directly behind me. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye as one does but before I could think of changing my direction I was grabbed from behind and spun around by an imposing guy wearing all black and a mask covering half his face. He told me to “be quiet” and “hand over (my) wallet”. I was stunned but I was not about to hand him a damn thing, and I said as much to his face. I then somehow managed to wriggle myself out of his grasp while protesting, even though he looked like he was winding up to punch me, and I pushed him away. He said something to me (which I can’t recall) and I bolted. I turned back in mid run to see him reach into his jacket pocket, so I ducked as I ran and zigzagged in the event he had a gun. Thankfully he wasn’t carrying but it sounded like he sprayed something (mace?) albeit too late obviously. I ran into a restaurant and called 911, the people at the counter there were really helpful and asked if that was him now standing on the corner. He’d followed me it seems but didn’t know which place I’d ducked into. He stuck around almost a minute looking left and right before splitting. The cops then showed up and we drove around looking for him, but nada. After that I did all the requisite stuff at the local precinct with some on the ball detectives and then walked home. It was almost a couple hours after the incident by then. Thankfully, I was unscathed and I lost nothing, just a couple hours.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mad as Hell Freezes Over

At what point does what Peter Finch says in the film Network at the very least happen, nevermind a full-on revolt? How much fuckery does it take? Just asking. I've read about the "Mueller firing red line”, but will people really collectively rise? I have my doubts. Part of me thinks people almost want this country to become as unequal and fascistic as possible just to see if it really can happen, or just talk about it endlessly until it does. And if it's not happening to them well... Look, if a tree falls in the woods, whether you personally hear it or not doesn't matter, it makes a sound. It's happening, and we live in a collection of States that supposedly calls itself United, doesn't that mean having each other's back? Inaction about increasing day to day occurrences of oppression, suppression and repression, racism, classism, inequality, greed, corruption and general lack of empathy that have permeated all aspects of life and work across America leads me to believe that this complacent (and often complicit) country of selfish individuals simply does not have what it takes to take a stand. We seem to be on a b-line to begone.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


2 guys in conversation on the subway: Guy 1- "People on the subway, they don’t wanna talk to each other, you notice that?" Guy 2- "That’s cuz they’re tryin’ to relax... I don’t even wanna talk to you." In other news: Smack. The lying, orange, sex offending, classless, racist fascist and his hee haw sidekick lost in Alabama. May this be a harbinger of some much needed better times to come.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017


Trump couldn’t name any state capitals here and now he’s naming a capital elsewhere (not to mention creating further chaos in said region and here)?Yet another mind blowing scene from Trumpocalypse Now. I'm reminded of the following lyrics from Devo's song "My Baby Left Me a Surprise" when I think of the mess Trump is making: Itchy goo goo goo It's all I want to do, whammo You got me running in circles Like a pee-pee baby I'm so happy I just want to die Cause this baby love It comes from up above Move on over I want to get closer Move on over want to twaddle with you Move on over Satisfy my urges Please, please help I got the goo, goo itch You got me running in circles Like a big-big baby.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Saturday Morning Cartoon Country

Donald took away my deDUCKtions. F'ing quack, Scrooge McDouche and co. These evil characters need to be written out of the shitty Saturday Morning cartoon this country has become.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I just need to vent today. Been years since I have used this space for things not politics. Yes, we're having our Kakistocracy and eating it too, all hell is breaking loose on the sex harassment front and WWIII is imminent, but I have a life to live and it's getting harder to fucking live it. I feel like i'm being ripped apart by the elements at light speed, heart attack City here. Can't afford to live can't afford to die. Today, was a shit day. The kind of day when I'm reminded that I'm not really living, and definitely not living my life. I felt pushed and pulled every which way. It started out with a raging toothache -this after spending over a $1000 on oral surgery a week ago, thankfully "only" owing 20% of that- walking out of my apt. to find my c--t of a next door neighbor had kicked over my dooremat, which I'd taped down, yet again. Mind you, this childish imbecile bitch has been doing that EVERY DAY for almost 2 years now...??? I only taped it down recently as I'd had, well, let's say more than enough. Maybe the day was carrying over from the experience I had last night where I was at movie and received a call with 20 minutes left to it to participate in a focus group. Naturally, in my impoverished state I had to take the call. $100 is like a million to me these days. So I answered the 20 questions asked for a 2nd time and missed the end of the film only to hear from her "You're a good fit, but we've filled our quota"... why the fuck put me through that then? Answering the same questions I'd already asked online to boot, all the same. I gave it to her on the phone saying "I just missed the end of this film, don't fucking call me if you're over fucking quota!" So, today... I then have a good audition for a regional play; a play I don't want to do cuz it pays shit and will take up months but beggars can't be choosers or snoozers, and then a costume fitting for yet another short, one I do want to do but one that's kinda been driving me crazy with their over-marketing on Facebook, though they're supposed to be paying me more than the avg. short, and then, I head home to shave and change and then go to a TV audition -something that comes around for me about as much as a solar eclipse happens- only to be told AFTER I'd started not to do an accent, even though I'd prepared one AS THAT'S WHAT IT SAID ON THE FUCKING CHARACTER DESCRIPTION IN THE EMAIL. It unnerved me, and, well I sucked. A roles made for me I delivered with no confidence as I was thrown. i cannot afford to have this happen man. Who's fault it this? Well, seeing that I got an email earlier that I was being considered for another role in a new show shooting out of town but my agent said I was 5'5" (I'm 6'1"), I have to blame in on my Reps. Now, I know they're doing shit fast, as we all are, and mistakes are made, like the Dotard cut-pasting a response to the latest massacre, and every fucking bg casting post that fills up my inbox with the wrong date and/or for a young black female amputee who's a real doctor and has a period car, but don't fuck with me personally like this man. I spend two whole days perfecting that British accent when I didn't need to do one? My time is important, my life is dwindling, I do everything right and expect nothing less but the same from others, kapeesh? Instead I feel walked all over, chewed up, spit out, what have you. Honestly, I can't take it anymore. I deserve better than this and when I get it, or IF I get it, I ain't holding back like so many others who sit on their wealth and fame. Fuck that shit, let it ride baby, I'm ready to fight. Been fighting all my life and if I'm a contender I'm gonna make those moments in the ring COUNT.... Aaaaargh. I know that all sounds like hot headed egotistical bs, but I'm at the end of my rope with EVERYTHING man, what can I say? Uncle? I am one already. The best too.

Friday, November 03, 2017

"Yes" -Elizabeth Warren

The truth hurts. Just as the fact that “power corrupts” has been sadly swept under the rug recently in the wake of the much needed sexual harassment culture exposure (couldn’t we be talking about both?), so has the problem us Dems need to address if we ever want to win again. Can’t we discuss it all without f—king killing each other? Those of us working our asses off just to survive, don’t we know who the real enemy is? Corporations have similar if not more rights than individuals these days and those with influence ($$$) make or break the careers and lives of “regular folk”... um. All the denial, infighting, scapegoating and beating around the bush is only making corruption worse. Acknowledgement that maybe the problem is deeper then we want to believe, is a first step. Clinton was anointed and flawed. Sanders knew she stole it but stood by her knowing Orange was/is the Antichrist. There’s a deep systemic corruption problem in this country, and people who want to deny that and that this happened in our party and repeat without rinsing are doomed for more Orange. Sanders could have won the whole thing in my opinion, he was talking the same (but real) populist talk that resonated with the people. Of course, there’s the Russian element, so we never really know. The Russians did not want Clinton, so draw your own conclusions. Russian involvement too is a different level of corruption, as its one thing to have it within our walls but an outsider stepping in is a serious biz of its own that needs to be addressed and not to be compared. Back to the Dems: time to move on but Warren admitting this is necessary if we ever are going to. I hope she runs, if not, then Sanders and/or Biden (who is not as centrist as Hillary). We need a genuine ideology on the left not some more Reagan Democratic soft core bs to interest all the disenfranchised and angry voters. As for the sex harassment thing, we’re dancing around the fact that it’s power that’s corrupted all the individuals we’ve mentioned. Power corrupts not only sexually, but mentally and economically. Clinton was corrupt, but not to the degree of Trump. We need to realize that she was though at least to some extent to understand. We need to change the whole ball of wax not keep dancing around on the surface. Corruption is rampant everywhere in the US. In NY, in politics, in the entertainment biz, etc, and we elected the cream of the corrupt crop yet seem prepared to do it all over again through or own stubbornness, blindness, lack of foresight and lack of empathy. We need to look in the mirror. It's important to realize what happened. Bad timing you say? Well when is good timing? We need a good candidate. If we dont learn from this and it takes down Warren within our party then we don't deserve to win. Reading people's thoughts on this from both camps it seems that that is what's happening, more of the same infighting, which is so "sad". That wasn't Warren's intent in saying "yes." Sanders focus always has been on helping people and then making sure Trump isn't president. That should be the focus of the Democratic party, not our egos. Warren wasn't calling for an investigation, just saying this happened. it should bring the party together not fray it more considering that Sanders soldiered on in support of Clinton. I choose to focus on Trump and the added corruption of the Russians but not deny the corruption we have at home. This would've come out in 2020, I guess many though would rather it come out then. Yes, another distraction for Captain Orange and his evil crew to capitalize on, but that's all it is. That and a chance for the Dems to face reality and hopefully come together. Cuz by Jetisoning Ellison and others like him recently it seems we'd rather repeat our mistakes over and over like a Sci-Fi film. I think Warren may have been giving the party a wake up call...

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Star Whores

Saw The “new” Bladerunner last night. My take? Well the original is one of my top 5 fave films of all time and I played Deckard onstage, so I’m a hard sell. Visually it was stunning, picked right up production design-wise. The actress who played the female villain was fantastic. The rest? Story was convoluted, and did we really need Jared Leto doing a toned-down Joker in this? And Ryan Gosling, whom I do like, was just not right. His sad-eyed, hang dog, boy-man look was the same as in Drive and so many other films, and each time he hit a piano key I thought he was gonna start doing the La La Land shimmy. Then there was Robin Wright, who had no presence in her role whatsoever. This star stuff has really gone too far. If it wasn’t Gosling you know it woulda been Leo or Matt Damon in the lead. This is how big films (and Broadway and most TV shows) are made I know more and more nowadays but that’s sad, as these three overused stars took me out of the film as I was watching it. As for the story? The original was based on a well-thought out book, this one, like most Hollywood concocted sequels, seemed all over the place in comparison, and at 2.5 hours that’s a lot of ??? I liked it enough, as I said it looked great, and am glad it went long too as was more bang for the buck, but I’d give it a C+ at best as was disappointed that it ended up another Star Whores with a half-assed script. There’s got to be PK Dickophiles out there saying “I coulda written something better, why didn’t they ask me?”. Of course Hollywood doesn’t ask, it assumes, and really needs to be shaken up and stirred man. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reasons I bring up here are why this blockbuster-to-be has stalled at the box office... but who am I? Just an actor with years of experience and a million credits trying to get a fair shake before I expire.