Sunday, November 28, 2021

Getting back

The last 15 minutes of the first part of of the sprawling re-look at The Beatles "Let it Be" sessions, “Get Back”, absolutely slayed me. Brilliant doc filmmaking overall by Peter Jackson, lord of these things. Just witnessing these 4 twenty-somethings carve out timeless classics from nothing was awe inspiring. There was a section where it meandered too long about 1.5 hours in, and it could've been shaved about 30-45 mins from there and would've had the same affect, but I knew it would end with George leaving, so I braved it. It’s a document and fans should be able to see as much of it as possible at this point. If you were bored, fast forward.
Highlights of 2nd part: the flower pot talk, watching them come up with the words for “Get Back” and figure out the best way to play “Two of Us” and how they offhandedly discover Preston is the guy they need when he was just casually stopping by. Love hearing Paul’s early stages of “Back of My Car” and other solo stuff too, but seeing them mindbogglingly discard “All Things Must Pass” hurts. Maybe cuz “Let it Be” has a similar sentiment...? Cool seeing John go from subdued on day 1 to the life of the party as we knew him, and the love and respect he and Paul obviously had for each other is palpable. Paul also shows the humility we’ve become accustomed to seeing in his old age, and he’s obviously respected by all for his work ethic and talents. His Elvis impressions are off the charts too. Ringo, is a rock, and his drumming spot-on. I just wish they’d given more time to George’s amazing songs too, guy was so shy at times but when he spoke he was mostly on target. Even after he left and comes back it’s still the Paul and John show, however. Lowest point: Paul reading the headlines about George leaving et all, he goes on and on while others are playing. I woulda said “ok, we get it man, enough”, but George smiles right through it. Seemingly at peace with what happened… or maybe not.

In the 3rd installment of “Get Back” we saw George Harrison play a much larger part, Ringo fart, Linda’s daughter Heather tear up the room, and the Beatles kill it on the roof. George says he doesn’t want to do the roof concert after Paul is now unenthusiastic (those two agreeing?), and then seems flummoxed when Ringo and John do. They didn’t have enough songs Paul thought but who would know they wouldnt have been able to do any more then they did anyway because of the noise complaints?
As for the performance, I thought I remembered them playing more then the 5 songs they did, and didn’t need to see them do a few of them multiple times, but it gave us an opportunity to see the keystone cops respond in real time. I wish they’d played one of George’s tune up there though. All the songs played were/are great, and I hate that some people call the album they were working on their worst. Really? Come on. If that’s bad what is 99% of the other music out there: beneath shit? We even saw George help Ringo work on Starr’s “Octopus’s Garden”, a song, in my opinion, better than anything ever written by the Foo Fighters, and, it was penned by Ringo, who again, mind you, destroys on the drums as well. As a musician and songwriter I would rather him behind the kit then anyone. Case in point, Taylor Hawkins of the Foos, an awesome drummer, could NOT do the “Get Back” shuffle beat at the RnR HOF, while Ringo does it with ease. His fills are tasty, he can swing, what’s not to like? Best band drummer ever in my opinion, no contest. Back to the album: how could they leave “Don’t Let Me Down”, a fucking classic, off it? And Harrison’s “Old Brown Shoe” too? They all seemed to dig both of those songs immensely. Goes to show you the plethora of classics they wrote in a few short weeks, surrounded by film and recording crew and friends and strife no less. Amazing.
“And in the end”, the film dispels the whole “tumultuous sessions” bs. Yeah, there were obsticles, but I never met a recording session or a shoot that didn’t have them. These guys fucking loved each other, and enjoyed working and playing together. I was jealous watching them, knowing how much shit I went though in bands I was in. Maybe Paul wasn’t happy with what became of his grand plan, but he should’ve been. And John, who seems nauseatingly ga ga over Allen Klein, as he longs for a new Brian Epstein, anyone other than Paul perhaps, gets pulled back in from what’s obviously earlier reluctance; a “festering wound” George and he hadn’t attended to. Maybe he was strung out too on heroin at the start as well, he had been hanging with the Stones (fun seeing him rehearse the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus intro so many times after being invited to do it). What we didn’t get to see or hear I imagine was that Paul did a lot of apologizing when they all met privately, apologizing for keeping the band afloat and for his enthusiasm as well as his boorishness or maybe insisting they HAD to after their Apple Boutique venture went under. Whatever the case, he, or maybe it’s the lovable Ringo or a joking, charismatic John, brings George back in the fold. Their make-up would all soon be forgotten I guess as the business shit would eventually trump all other gripes, come-to-grips and goodwill. It’s sad to see them go their separate ways at the end of this because you know that the Klein/Eastman control thing will be the final wedge that causes John to leave and then Paul to sue, and it will take years for them to dig each other again (by the way, man did those "Dig It" jams rock). In the meantime, Paul and Yoko will shoulder the blame, though, as in the band itself, it takes 4. They had just run their course. George was already talking to John in this about how nice it would be to do his own album, so it was all inevitable. They were so young though still, but, they looked older, more world weary then their years. John didn’t look 28, he looked closer to 40.
But in this thing we get to see them as we never have; 4 great, talented friends working and playing off each other, creating the best pop/rock music that there’s ever been. Paul was, is, obviously a genius. John, though possessing less of a work ethic by this time, or tired of the grind, was one too. And they still help each other with their songs if not totally writing together (man, I wish I had that without fighting in my bands after I returned to music from 2000-2006). George, on the other hand, was just beginning to let his genius shine in this. He plays the beginning of “Something” in the last installment with other words and your jaw drops. All in all, I don’t think they could’ve continued on with 3 geniuses without stiffing one anyway, but it was cool seeing them try here. We also get to see Linda and Yoko (who was not disruptive, at least not here) get on swimmingly!
As a fan and as a musician/songwriter, “Get Back” was priceless viewing, and I only wish there was more, somehow, some way. John Lennon's first son Julian said it was "life changing" for him. Though I wouldn't go that far, that it was for him is kinda special. For me, it accomplished a heluva lot in understanding where they were at at this point in time, and with zero interviews.
It was also fucking fun.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Motherf--kin' Phil Schaap man.

Listening to Phil Schaap. This is his 51st year DJing on WKCR. Crazy. I remember hearing him on hot summer days, while with my Dad when I was 12 years old, talk endlessly about Bix Beiderbecke, Fats Waller and Benny Goodman, and here I am now at age ___ listening to him do just that, still. My Dad made cassettes of his shows and I still have a few that are over 40 years old. How could he possibly have anything new to say on air after all these years? It blows my mind he’s still doing it. Time is an amazing thing man. Sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now that we take for granted the endless stream of time… and Phil Schaap. Phil Schaap is relative. Not a relative, but the continuum of this man is a phenomenon in itself… Now stop blabbering and play some music already, Phil.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Crisis. Time to act.

D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who was assaulted during the Capitol riot, is being called a “crisis actor” by the faux Patriots who tout ‘merican “greatness”.
It’s like when someone knows you’re an actor so they say “are you acting now?” in a real life situation, which is always insulting, demeaning and stupid. In this case the guy isn’t even an actor, but someone they rely on to protect and to serve, and, they're admitting this was a f--king crisis to boot. I thought it was a walk in the park/normal tourism? They want it both ways. Hypocrites to the end of times. This is an accusation made by covidiot racists in a fascist clown car party that it’s been reported has actually paid people to pretend they’re Trump supporters at their hysterical and dangerous super spreader rallies.
The “crises” right now facing their ‘merica are the utterly outrageous behavior of these increasingly bold lying lunatics, a raging (again) pandemic due to Trump and his minions defying science, logic and everybody with a brain and a beating heart, and the speedy unraveling of Democracy in this country that they're causing as we speak.
We've gotta put a lid on this powder keg.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021


Just a thought, but instead of banning Dr. Seus books how about we ban FOX news? One would seem far more evil and worthy of banning than the other, yet we seem so easily distracted. One day it’s the Capital Riots, worthy of major scorn, the next day it’s Cuomo, and he’s Governor Porn. 

Trump’s the issue, we must recall, 

he and FOX, stay on the ball.

No, I do not like them,

Satan-they-are. I do not like

FOX news, nor it’s star. 

Not in a box. For they are FOX. 

Not on the screen. For they are mean.

Not in the White House. Not with a louse.

Not in the Post. Not with a host.

Not with a goat. Not by the throat.

Not in a car. Not in a bar.

Not on a train. Not on a plane. 

Not in park. Not in the dark.

Not in a shop. Not on my laptop.

Not in a store. Not on the floor.

Not in my home. Not on the phone.

Not in space. Not no place.

Not fucking anywhere.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Opening lines of the new Bruce and Barack podcast

Springsteen: “Baby, you were born to run for President.”
Obama: “Ahhh... the glory days. It’s hard to be a saint in the city though, bring that human touch.”
Springsteen: “You WERE born in the USA, however, not Kenya, like he who tried to make us the Badlands said. You were tougher than the rest, and still are Mr. President.”
Obama: “Prove it all night Bruce, prove it all night. I had a hungry heart too. Going into the fire wasn’t easy, it was a jungle land.”
Springsteen: “Streets of fire, no doubt. The price you pay for trying to take us to the promise land.”
Obama: “Gotta walk like a man my friend. Sadly, what I learned though is you can look, but you better not touch in this hard land.”
Springsteen: “So true, but you gave us reason to believe. You held up without a gun. In fact, I wanna marry you.”
Obama: “Whoa whoa whoa I’m on fire.”
Michael Patrick Lyons, Walter Hoffman and 8 others
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Re: Staying in NYC when this shit hit

Many of us had no choice but to stay. If you were lucky you could get away on weekends, which is what my girlfriend and I have done thanks to her old beater car, going to a beach one day a weekend since March, far before when we’d normally have gone. Just to see the horizon, breathe fresh air and get out of, what was, really, a living hell March-May. The constant sirens blaring was the worst, a death knoll impossible to avoid. My rental apts. tiny roof became indispensable as well, for push-ups and fresh air. Thankfully the rest of the building, or those tenants who remained, didn’t seem to catch on to that. Overall it’s been a been a strange time and hard to fathom that 5 months have passed, but I have been able to create a lot at home during this duration, after an initial period of way too much drinking and tv watching. NYC is my home, where I was born, and though I need nature and try to get to it when I can (afford it), pushing through here during the apex of the pandemic is somewhat of a mark of pride all of us who remained should feel. It ain’t over yet though, not by a long shot I’m afraid. As for this who bailed or would bail on NYC? They're not real New Yorkers, sorry. They're rich, that's their City.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Anti-Mask, The Movie

Variety reports that the sequel to Mask, Anti-Mask, will not star Jim Carry, but will feature media demon Tucker Carlson in his acting debut, alongside John Voight as his mentally deranged father, Kanye West as his dunderhead best friend, and a viral actress named Karen as the love interest. There will be only non union in small roles, or, they'll be CGI’d (this hasn’t been fully determined yet as only name actors and celebrities are the concern of Hollywood). Regardless, the aforementioned “talent” will be the only people getting residuals... ever. The film's score will be a collaboration by West and Kid Rock under the name Kid West. The White House has bypassed SAG-AFTRA and approved the production, which is slated for the Fall (of the American Empire).

Saturday, June 13, 2020

It's Thank You Masked Man, Not F--k You Masked Man.

Pandemic-fatigued idiots seem intent on making the pandemic even worse... smart. Newsflash: we’re ALL pandemic-fatigued, but that doesn’t mean throwing common sense and care for your fellow man, woman and child out the window does it? Wear. A. Fucking. Mask. Or, you may die or potentially kill someone else. It’s that simple. How hard is this for Americans to understand? We lead the world in cases and deaths, 2nd place is not even remotely close, yet we can’t stop our impulses to be complete and under senseless morons? Apparently not. Why wait til November this says, this country and Trump are joined at the broken hip and doomed in one way or another... or in all ways. Carry on oh selfish ones.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Curfew Cop Coronavirus Rant

Please excuse the rant, but dealt with this curfew bs Saturday night. It’s run it’s course and glad it’s over after tomorrow. All of the other major cities have ended them already. They should try enforcing mask wearing instead of this, the virus is out of control... again! Went to Bklyn in a car as, well, have barely left my apt. for 3 months and wanted to get out for a few hours, is that so horrible? Yet I couldn’t get back to the city, even though I live here and we got back got to Bridges at 7:45pm. Curfew was supposed to be 8pm, no? Cops we tried to get answers from came to window, none wearing masks, not a one, and they knew nothing. Traffic was a clusterfuck, and tunnels were closed too. Why tunnels? Are people going to march though tunnels? They’d rather people drive in circles for hours around the city til 5am or sleep in cars? Anyway, parked in Brooklyn and took subway to get home in the end. First world conplaints? Ok, perhaps, but just like this country with Coronavirus and income inequality and racism my point is there is no plan, no progress, the only plan as always seems to be to make shit up as each problem arises and make things worse it seems to keep us off our game. Why a line of police in riot gear stopping anyone from coming home on bridges? Makes me think of Trump at the borders. 2.5 hours later after being right at the bridge in Brooklyn we got home. Phone was dead and had I not thought “maybe subway is open” we would’ve been sleeping in car and the cops could give a shit, like they could give a shit about the protestors they’ve arrested and crammed together into crowded holding cells, sans masks. What was the point of this? “No looting” seems to be of paramount importance but it seems like no protesting period was the reason. That’s anti-Democracy. Nothing and nobody else was considered either. I live and pay taxes in Manhattan and I couldn’t get back home. I don’t own a car myself, happened to be in one, but what was the point of keeping people out and away from home and enforcing a curfew a half hour before it was supposed to be? Making people who have cars park far away from where they live? Lying to people, essentially. Sound familiar? So much in this country needs changing its mindboggling. It feels like there’s no one in charge, and those with some common sense haven’t enough. I’ve always given DeBlasio a flyer but man, he has no clue. The episode just made me more pissed then I already was at cops and the powers that be. Vote them all out in November, time to start anew bc this country is f’d up.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Sound of Sirens

I haven't written a post in 2 years. 2 years. Too much has happened to state in one post. My dear, amazing father passed away 2 days after my last post and my life changed. I tied up all the loose ends to get his incredible graphic novel published and I'm working up a homemade Doc about him slowly. We have the Antichrist as President and may for life. I've been seeing an amazing girl from Uzbekistan for almost 3 years now. Twice my previous relationship record and she's a keeper. She completes me. The film I produced has been released and is killing it. We're in the midst of a Global Pandemic and, well, I've found the time to write again. Perhaps more later, but here are a few recent thoughts on the main matter at hand:  

One hundred thousand deaths. 100,000. 100k. Human life. Cherished life. People, like you and me, just trying to live their lives. So many of these deaths could have been averted, but we have a President devoid of humanity. Devoid of empathy. An Administration devoid of strategy. Devoid of leadership. And yet he golfs. And yet he shamelessly campaigns for 4 more years of our short lives to demean, divide, waste our time and conquer what's left of the truth and our threadbare Democracy. And yet he will stop at nothing to steal the upcoming election. A genocidal maniac who doesn't comprehend the tree of life and life itself. My heart breaks seeing that NY Times front page today, which Trump will call, if he hasn't already "fake news from the failing NY Times". Vote this ogre out of office and into a padded cell in a row where he must await the same fate he has carelessly and recklessly imposed on 100,000 (and counting) innocent souls.  

A video I made about the truth (or lack thereof).  

If you believe Trump took that drug you’ll believe anything. He’s lying, as he does about absolutely everything all of the time and has every single waking moment of every day 365 days a year of his entire miserable, selfish life. He’s trying to get a rise out of people and for it to rise as he’s invested in it financially. Now if did or does take it, great. Just let him croak already and spare us the agony of his hideous existence. 

The Sound of Sirens 

Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to stay up all night again 
Because a lack of vision softly creeping 
Left its greed while I wasn’t sleeping 
And the lack of vision that was planted in their brains 
Still remains
Within the sound of Sirens 

In restless dreams I walk alone 
Harrowed streets full of drones 
'Neath the halo of a hospital lamp 
I pull my mask tight to the cold and damp 
When my eyes are stabbed by the flash of a neon light 
Spit in the Covid night 
And rush the sound of Sirens  

And in the half-baked light I saw 
One hundred thousand people dead, maybe more 
People talking without masks 
Not hearing despite asked 
People gathering in throngs make choices never share 
And no one dares 
Disturb the sound of Sirens 

"Fools, " said I, "You do not know 
Sirens, like cancers, grow 
Hear Fauci’s words that he might teach you 
Arms length 6 feet that cannot reach you"
 But his words, like virus droplets fell 
And echoed in the Hell, of Sirens 

And the people bow and pray 
To the orange god each day 
And the sign flashed out its warning 
In the wards that it was storming 
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the 
ICU walls and in their crowded halls" 
And blare in the sounds of Sirens 

* I’m fully aware that I’m not the first to parody the words of this great Simon and Garfunkel song, nor do I care, and I surely won’t be the last. I haven’t read or watched a single version of them. These just came to me this sleepless morning while the never ending Sirens blared from outside my window... 

Lastly, if you support a 2nd turbulent term of Donald Trump and his cadre of bumbling, bolshie Genocidal Kakistocrats, you may as well just go out and have your Coronavirus and eat it too. 

 “Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others...” 
-Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov