Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016


You can still hear many of those bloated 70's tunes over and over and over again on the machine that is Classic Rock Radio (I'd rather not, was tired of them back then, esp. "Hotel CA"), but "Your Lyin' Eyes", "Peaceful Easy Feelin'", "New Kid in Town" and many other songs I was unmercifully bludgeoned over the head with as a kid do bring back a simpler, sweet n' hazy, sun washed, faded denim era of easy goin' days long gone bye...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prez Ups (and downs)

It boggles the mind that two of the stupidest, most vile, hate mongering, slime ridden imbeciles on Earth are still leading the pack of one of the two major American political parties. As if said party hadn't already soiled this country enough over the last 48 years with the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer. A large part of our population are seemingly not "doin' their learnin'", or were apparently just born with skewed brainular activity that is sadly beyond repair.

Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie... Sigh.

Losing Bowie hurts. A day later his songs rippling in my head. I'm happy I got to see him play (even though it was the Serious Moonlight tour, a far cry from Ziggy or the Thin White Duke days), and unbelievably it was less than a week ago that I posted on here for his birthday about meeting him once in Soho; how gracious he was as I told him I was a huge fan and a musician who'd played his songs. I never approach celebs, but fuck, this was Bowie! Little did I know then or last week that I'd be mourning him so soon after. Bowie was someone I wanted to know more, and respected to the nth degree from afar. I appreciated him as the consummate artist he was, the advocate for underground music I loved, and the private, enigmatic gentleman he came off as, not just as another performer. He truly was one of kind, and listening to all his albums this past day have recalled many other moments in my life, among them playing "John I'm only Dancing" and "Panic in Detroit" with my band the KGB in high school, listening to Low and Lodger over and over on cassette, the day my uncle gave me a gift certificate to Tower and I ran and bought Hunky Dory and Rise and Fall of Ziggy on vinyl... It's hard to imagine a world without Bowie in fact. Just a few weeks ago his name popped up in casting of the film I'm producing as the ultimate choice for one role. He was a true icon, I can't say that about many people we hold on a pedestal. His passing recalled for me the day Lennon died, and when Kurt died. I, as it seems so many are on here, am feeling a genuine loss for someone I, we, didn't know, but that doesn't matter. We felt that we did, and we know and love his music, his interviews and film appearances, and pretty much everything about the man and his legacy. Thankfully, in that respect Bowie will be with us forever.