Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What, where, how, why, when or who?

I vote for how even though it comes with some obvious obstacles. As for the others, we can all figure out where unless it's reliant, who we know (or wish we did), what can be nonsense, when unreliable, and why... well, keep asking but you'll never get an adequate response to that one.

It's all orange smoke and fun house mirrors.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

...and in today's Fascist Funnies

President Defect Trump threatened to jail and/or revoke citizenship of Mr. Burns and Fanny Flagg. Told that one is a cartoon character and the other irrelevant unless you watch reruns of Match Game '76, Illegitimate Orange Bozo Hitler retorted "Your next!", misspelling the word You're.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Russians and Liars and Feds oh my!

We've heard and seen it all this year, and none of it sticks. There's so much you would think would matter, but apparently nothing matters to the powers that be in 2016 America. So... throw all the bums out, those incoming, etc. The "swamp" is real, the only real thing that that orange charlatan said even though it includes the orange douche who said it, plus, everyone who refuses to really right the wrongs against us all that have been perpetrated for 40 years now (not only this past year from hell). Bottom line: it's all a sham of mockery. The only thing to believe right now is our own hearts and minds.

Re: the Defecatoral College

Look, I truly would be overjoyed if the Electoral College was contested (God bless -and I'm not religious- Jill Stein for her balls), but A) Sanders should be president not Hillary if Trump get's bounced and B) it will not happen. The dangers of a Trump presidency are speculative (um... certain in my eyes) but the dangers of overturning his nazi presiDUNCEy via the Electoral College are 100% absolute. One reason Trump is so fucking frightening is that he was prepared to refuse if he had lost 11/08 (and now he may NEVER leave the White House in fact, becoming King Donald the 1st), but you can imagine that he will also ADAMANTLY then refuse any new and improved "loss" 12/19. Um, I'd say. Plus, his supporters will revolt. I say good then, revolt if need be and yes, contest the shit out of this thing as we need a civil war in this country NOW, but the outcome of all this will be exactly as it already is because the spineless Dems who are so hellbent on preserving a Democracy that isn't a Democracy will be sure to see it's so. We will wake up 12/12 as we will tomorrow with Donald Orange Clownchild Fucking Trump as our next president. What needs to happen is all the Dem bums need to be thrown out and we need a progressive revolution from the left. Let's make THAT happen. Yes bogus baby steps ala more status quo Dem leadership that's seen my standards of living further deteriorate is preferable to the outright fascism we're heading into, but this ship has sailed. All that said I'll sign everything that comes my way til the cows come home with the chickens to roost 12/19 but there is no fucking way in hell that Obama and Shillary are going to rock this boat.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"as the darkness spread upon the land it began to rain, and then it rained for 1460 days and 1460 nights. It just wouldn't let up. Cats and dogs descended from the sky, literally. This was called the new normal, and we were told to let it go, suck it up, get with the program and move on. But somewhere in this formerly great country of ours a young woman of mixed race, true compassion and searing intellect was not having it. One day en route to her low paying job from her overpriced abode she lowered her branded umbrella, risking being pummeled from above by feline and canine no less, and let out a mighty wail for all to hear. People were stopped in their tracks by the sound and the sight, but they listened as she glistened in the downpour, soon following suit. The cumulative noise was glorious and a party uproarious ensued. Not long after, the clouds retreated, and no one tweeted but birds, signaling a newer morning."

Grab the Wookie.

Friday, November 04, 2016

a few recent thoughts.

There's a video going around on Facebook where Donald Trump rapes and kills someone in cold blood and then eats the corpse, licking his fingers with glee. I can't show it right now because it's been blocked by the powers that be, but it's real. Rich Orange Clown Nazi dude is a total monster, vote for him for President and you could very well be his next victim...Regardless of it having just been Halloween, the "day of the dead" festival if you were, things are pretty freakin' scary right now in general. I hereby change the name of our country to AmSCAREica...If Trump wins I'm moving to Russia, which I guess means I'm not moving anywhere since Russia will be moving here. If Clinton wins I'm... uh... moving my email?