Friday, November 25, 2016

Re: the Defecatoral College

Look, I truly would be overjoyed if the Electoral College was contested (God bless -and I'm not religious- Jill Stein for her balls), but A) Sanders should be president not Hillary if Trump get's bounced and B) it will not happen. The dangers of a Trump presidency are speculative (um... certain in my eyes) but the dangers of overturning his nazi presiDUNCEy via the Electoral College are 100% absolute. One reason Trump is so fucking frightening is that he was prepared to refuse if he had lost 11/08 (and now he may NEVER leave the White House in fact, becoming King Donald the 1st), but you can imagine that he will also ADAMANTLY then refuse any new and improved "loss" 12/19. Um, I'd say. Plus, his supporters will revolt. I say good then, revolt if need be and yes, contest the shit out of this thing as we need a civil war in this country NOW, but the outcome of all this will be exactly as it already is because the spineless Dems who are so hellbent on preserving a Democracy that isn't a Democracy will be sure to see it's so. We will wake up 12/12 as we will tomorrow with Donald Orange Clownchild Fucking Trump as our next president. What needs to happen is all the Dem bums need to be thrown out and we need a progressive revolution from the left. Let's make THAT happen. Yes bogus baby steps ala more status quo Dem leadership that's seen my standards of living further deteriorate is preferable to the outright fascism we're heading into, but this ship has sailed. All that said I'll sign everything that comes my way til the cows come home with the chickens to roost 12/19 but there is no fucking way in hell that Obama and Shillary are going to rock this boat.

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