Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"as the darkness spread upon the land it began to rain, and then it rained for 1460 days and 1460 nights. It just wouldn't let up. Cats and dogs descended from the sky, literally. This was called the new normal, and we were told to let it go, suck it up, get with the program and move on. But somewhere in this formerly great country of ours a young woman of mixed race, true compassion and searing intellect was not having it. One day en route to her low paying job from her overpriced abode she lowered her branded umbrella, risking being pummeled from above by feline and canine no less, and let out a mighty wail for all to hear. People were stopped in their tracks by the sound and the sight, but they listened as she glistened in the downpour, soon following suit. The cumulative noise was glorious and a party uproarious ensued. Not long after, the clouds retreated, and no one tweeted but birds, signaling a newer morning."

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