Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Ever since I was a young Jew growing up in Bklyn" -Hillary on SNL

Great clip. Hillary is a Reagan liberal though (read "moderate republican") to the core, Bernie can keep pushing her left til the cows come home but she doesn't believe what he says, and the middle and working class will continue to plummet/get left out in the cold if she's the nominee. The ideology she supports has not worked, and it never will, why all Dems cannot see that boggles the mind. Must be that they're doing well. Good for them. Look, I'd probably like our current President personally if we met, Obama seems like a smart, cool guy with a good sense of humor, but the last 7 years have been a continuation of a never ending downward spiral economically for so so many. As for Trump, his fans aren't just racist homophobes and xenophobes. Those are ideas that are fucking with their heads, but it's not as simple as "that's who they are". These are people that have been screwed by both parties for almost 40 years now, but they've been brainwashed by the Right as well, and so can't see clearly that Trump is a charlatan. Sanders is the only answer right now to pull those folks, and those left leaning who've struggled financially, back into the safety net (and some back into reality), and even Trump knows that. The GOP (TeaOP)'s words and actions over the past 7 years, PLUS inaction from BOTH parties, COMBINED with the REAL frustration from all those years of spiraling costs and dwindling opportunity (let's please not discount those factors, it's way too easy to scapegoat here), led to Trumpism, and only Sanders' Populist message can quell the chaos. Trump is capitalizing on an opportunity as a greedy businessman might. He's more afraid of Bernie than Hillary, it's obvious, and Hillary will lose a general election to him in a battle of insincerity unless she fully embraces Sanders views. Unfortunately, even if she does though, as I said, she will never believe them. Clinton is the consummate do anything, say anything establishment politician, like Rubio but less severe, and like Trump is becoming (although Il Douche is embracing political incorrectness like a hole in the head), and too many people know that.

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