Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey Lefty, get ready for a new Reich wing PresiDUNCE.

Well that kinda blew yesterday. I know Sanders faired well, but 2nd place finishes mean jack when all is said and done (I know, I'm an actor, you're either cast or not). The left should really consider taking a page out of the new right's book and nominate someone who gets all the rampant dissatisfaction out there, before the Presidency becomes the PresiDUNCEy... and the new Reich. Will say it one more time: I think we're seriously underestimating the fed up contingent groundswell, and Trump will surely soften his divisive rhetoric in the end to bring in the GOP establishment (who've already sold their souls, so what is there left for them to lose?) before all those who may have voted for Sanders accept another Clinton.

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