Saturday, February 20, 2016

They ask me continually via email who I'm for; Bernie or Hillary. Here's my short response.

The corruption in this country is off the rails. I've seen standards of living for everyone not rich fall drastically since Reagan. Obama was a great President given the cards he was dealt, but gains didn't reach the former middle, working class and poor. My health insurance premiums have actually gone up, not down, on a par with everything else (rent, cost of food etc), everything that is except wages. Work has been harder to get in my field if you're not already working or able to "pay to play". Now Clinton may be fine, but we don't need "fine", we need action. I'm also skeptical of her past (young Republican for Goldwater, working for Walmart, her niceties with Kissinger and that fascist antiChrist Trump), not to mention that her husband embarrassed the Presidency, making him persona non grata during the 2000 Election (thus paving the way for the worst President ever in Bush). Bill Clinton also supported and signed into law more financial deregulation legislation than any other President before him, and dissolved the Depression-era Glass-Steagall law, so why should his wife be awarded the Presidency as if she's an actor who's "due" an Oscar after losing out so many times on the extraneous, luxury back scratching (patting) award? Awwww... poor Leo Decaprio and Hillary, they've suffered. The hell they have, they're worth ducats up the ying yang each, and neither are the best candidate/nominee, let's be honest. Ok, Leo will win the Best Actor self-congratulation Award, he has little competition this year, but Sanders is the better Presidential candidate to fight for and lead us into the future, and the only one seemingly to have empathy for all of us left behind by Reagan's steady trickle of piss and the giant steaming dump Dubya deposited on our collective heads.

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