Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It would be terrific if you'd say "good-night and good-bye" Drumpf.

In the following article where 4th grade mental midget and Teapublican presidential nominee Donald Drumpf (!) makes an exception for a Muslim (this shit is real, very), he said the word "good" like ten times in one sentence. It went something like this "He's a good Muslim, and I know, because I've used the used the word good more than any other person in the world, this is a fact. It's good, terrific really, how I use good. As my wife, the Russian bimbo says, my penis is good", your penis is good honey" she says. To be honest, theres no one else as good as me, I'm the goodest, the gooderest actually, and you can quote me on that." Perhaps this absolute 100% grade Z billionaire nazi douchebag is infectious like a disease. Someone find a cure for the trumps please before that dumb shit is airborne.

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