Friday, July 08, 2016

What is there left to say (after the latest cop killings and killing of cops and...)? Society is crumbling at an exponential rate.

It's all connected: the wealth gap, non-action, reliance on authority, guns, racism and eased stupidity have created a whirl-cesspool of mayhem, distrust, desperation and anger. I don't see an end to this sadly, I see it increasing, with more people poor and on the streets, and more innocent people dead. These aren't isolated incidents, but the whole can't wrap their collective heads around that. $trings are being pulled that will continue to be pulled even though it's high time plugs are on so many obviously hurtful policies.
Yes, there've been "worse" times, yet society has not learned from them. People don't work together anymore, they work for corporations, and it's every man/woman for themselves. T's hard to not think that this country is headed into uncharted territory that doesn't look promising. I'm an actor, I hold a mirror up to society and try to make people laugh or think. I've posted about change on here and my blog endlessly too, but thoughts like this seem like platitudes to me now when as a society we cannot right the most obvious and basic wrongs that we repeat over and over and only make worse. People are being driven to poverty and some madness by frustration from injustice, and it's hard not to believe that that's the plan by the money lords on high: survival of the fittest and eventual population thinning.

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