Thursday, June 24, 2004

we're a couple o' blogs, we stop n' shop at the quabbin truffle snouting hog, and we'll start the bombing in 5 minutes...

below are links to 2 blogs i dig. no, they won't tell you where the killers are having their afterpartys, but so fuckin' what.

(1) spul is a great man, plays in a real ny co-rock band called the darkhorses, and sporadically writes about politics. here are a couple of blurbs from his blog:
"It's just too neat! Reagan dies on the eve of the anniversary of D-Day, right before the G8 meets to discuss, among other things, Iraq and the rest of the Arab world. So in one short week, the great historical struggles of the United States against Fascism, Communism, and Islamic totalitarianism become unified in the public consciousness, with extremely strong symbolic overtones. And Reagan becomes the link between FDR and George W. Bush.
If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would be certain that the spooks had Reagan bumped off. He was on the way out anyway, and at his age who would even suspect? But I don't go in for that kind of garbage."


"Massachusetts is a fucked up place! Gays can marry (good), but liquor stores are still closed on Sunday and last call at a bar is at 12:30 (bad). Liberal or not, the legacy of Puritanism dies very hard."
(2) then there's the blog de beautiful, enigmatic jb. she's all over the place like me, and we really should give another go at a drink sometime:
here's an excerpt from her womanifesto:
"So capitalism is totally getting me down. I've started hunting for jobs again "like a truffle snouting pig." This "truffle snouting pig" bit is not mine -- don't worry. I'm quoting a terrible line here from a cookbook manuscript advising woman on how to get a "Fire Island gay man's bod" that I had to read for one of these lame treat-your-assistant-like- crap-and-pile-their-desk-with-tons-of-work-jobs that paralegals do for double the money. Yep. A job I was incidentally offered, only to, um, not really be offered?
But back to the topic on hand: capitalism. I'm sick of capitalism. I'm sick of negotiating everything from jobs (okay, acceptable) to boyfriends (less acceptable) to whether or not my roommate is going to take out the trash. I mean I get that we just have to accept capitalism -- that life is, at least in the United States, basically business --but come on? When people start scheduling appointments for their friends and start becoming so freakin' selfish and opportunistic that they can't even help a pal move a little crap to their sublet, what's the deal-yo? I suppose the rationale is that we are stuck here so we may as well live it up: keep shopping around for the next best thing, keep up with the bargain-hunting, and live up the fact that the one good thing about America is that, yes, even though we are chained to the making of money, we can ultimately all be "individuals". We can buy our freedom. We have the option of becoming totally self-sufficient. Yep, we can buy our own lifestyles and not be chained to anyone but ourselves. And the man. Oh, but that doesn't count. Oh, and wait, only some of us have that option. Huh? Yeah, so my point is, professionalism is for the office. Leave it at my apartment door please."

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