Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"if it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with. No more appeasement"-Ronald Reagan

he said that before he was a vegetable-no wonder Bush stroked his balls so much, as they think/thought alike. they say "the urge to destroy is really a creative urge" (Bakunin?) yeah, perhaps, creative frustration maybe-but i kinda don't think Bush is even capeable of such an urge, and creation to him only means one thing, which is that which drives his every move apparently; his "higher (coke) calling". Bush otherwise thinks like the gipper during ronald's vegie period-could that be b/c of just plain stupidity though, or all that mad cow that's most likely rampant in the longhorn state? anyway, a bath sounds nice, but with a far clearer, less viscous substance, cuz its hotter'n heat itself today... ok, i know that no one is reading this cept i, which is fine, and it is way too hot to even contemplate suede-perhaps as i journal here -something i used to do on paper in chicago (land of conservative creativity) but stopped years ago... i wish i could doodle around the edges here though- for a while though, someone will take notice. i don't have the energy right now to email all my friends and say "hey, check out my farts yo". i already bug the shit outa the masses with my gorgeous band and acting exploits, rare as they may be these days without quality control of my career... so, there's more storage available on yahoo now-no more WARNING! DANGER MR. ROBINSON! YOU'RE NEIGHBORHOOD IS APPROACHING CAPACITY! YOU MAY NOT BE RECIEVING ALL YOUR GENUINE PEOPLE, ONLY RICH... ok, this has gotten uglier. one last thing; reminder: Rollo is playing tonight "i'm faced with the extinction go-go"

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