Monday, June 21, 2004

voidoid-era robert quine shoulda clobbered young rich shit bad actor/auteur ethan hawke with his guitar b4 he offed himself

robert quine was obviously zwan slut matt sweeney's inspiration, just look at old pix of him when he was a voidoid... hey guys, apparently creed has broken up.... oh no what am i gonna do? their god fearing guitarist cited that their vedder voiced jesus freak singer didn't "interact" with the band anymore. "nothing was happening" he said. i guess he was waiting for some miraculous conception of talent or something to materialize after 30 million f'ing religious pamphlet cds had been sold... so, the vines canceled their summer us tour. i didn't even know that they were still a band, and who cares for that matter. i guess this'll leave their phony lead singer more time to hone his "i'm crazy, whoo-whoo, look at me overreact like a spoiled a.d.d riddled pseudo-badboy brat" act in front of his gilded 19th c. english mirror... well, i actually listened to that new foo fighters song in a car the other day. man is it bad. mr. foo himself d.grohl (as there are really no other fighters in the foo, unless you count his alter-ego surfer bottle blond ex-alanis younger brother-esque lover (?) dummer drummer) writes by the numbers from the pilot chair of the f'ing stone cobain temple, and his voice is plain awful. he should go back to drumming, seriously. i think there are a couple of queens looking for a new band, cuz the new projects of both of those guys (the dumb bearded bass player weirdo and josh homme) really suck. homme's esp. was horrible when i saw them on tv, like that usa band who did that tune "lump" a bunch a years ago with a talentless hulking jim thome (t-homme) on drums. for such a big slugger-esque guy, he really drums like a queen. the other guys in the band stole our rollo schtik and made it schtik. it was embarrassing, and this opinion is coming from a fan of qotsa... oh oh, so it seems that ethan "white fang" hawke's publicity whore is pushing that ugly motherfucker's mug on us now to try and give him some good press since he fucked his wife. i met him a couple of times years back and he really rubbed me the wrong way then, and still does (obviously). i'm telling you, what a poseur this guy is, seriously, at least christian slater knew enough to stop pumping up his own volume. i've acted with one of the thurman brothers (plus i sorta knew uma, as she and my sister were friends in grammar school, and then i missed an opportunity to ask her out years later when she asked me for directions but my hands were full of groceries... ask me later), who swore that he'd kill hawke if he saw him again. here's a quote from the worst actor to ever play hamlet: "i bump into a lot of young actors who are interested in (independent cinema) as a steppingstone, and it really pisses me off. big movies aren't a steppingstone to another movie. do what you're doing. you are your actions, and thinking motivates your actions. that's why you have to be so careful what you think about"... ??????????????????????????? (by the way: if you want to see a really good actor, one who could give ethan a beating left, right, center, upside, forward, over, under, sideways and down, you can direct directors, casting directors and good agents to ). did you know that the hawkester comes from one of the richest mofo families in all of ny state? so i hear. i also hear that jennifer anniston is carpet munching markey mark's sister.

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