Sunday, June 27, 2004

Monica Rips Bill's Tightywhiteys!... is Bullshit/Chaingang back for Michael Moore?

Ok, first off, you will notice that caps have returned "after a lengthy layoff" (sports writer lingo). I felt like my "maddening inconsistency" (more sports writer lingo) in regard to it was causing me to spend too much time having to go back and correct and shit. Anyway, about todays b(ullshit)log entry, I'm not going to write 4 ever so that i once again miss a nice day. After working 14 hrs yesterday on 3 hrs of sleep and then going out to 2 roof parties (1 with loud bands which unfortunately got broken up by the cops, and the other which should have gotten broken up by the cops b/c it was an actor detractor me me me fest of nostyle blah blah blah thespian crap boring people party that it almost broke my spirit more than it it already is kind of thing). The only redeeming factor of party 2 was this Breugal-esque view of buildings in the city, a view I never see, kinda Parisian, or San Fan perhaps. I just have a few quick comments on a couple of news stories. First of all, bad timeing on the Clinton book it's turned out, as Monica (whom I met at a party once-sweet girl, but fat fat fat-and sorry to say, I had to see her in a sari that night, b/c it was that kind of a party; sari's, strong sangri)as the tabloids have cornered (corn-holed?) Monica for her response (I wonder how many ducket$ she got for 'em)-"he talked about it (their boning eachother like bobcats) as though I had laid it all out there for the taking. I was the buffet (I told you, she's fat, so there's gotta be a food ref., right?) and he just couldn't resist the dessert (yet another)"...

*Side note: as a p/t caterer, who's done many buffets, i couldn't help but wonder how she displayed her privates on the boxed table cloth party rental table-were there flowers? Was the silverware in-house? Did the buffet line start from both sides so as to create an inevitable log-jam?

Speaking of log-jams, Bill never jammed his he had said, right? I happened to be in the minority of those who agreed with him that oral foreplay was/is not sex. I've only counted those who I actually did the ol' in-out with in my chamberlain memoirs... Anyway, what I'm leading to is that Bill has given the Washington Bushmen a gift with this incident. Bad timing man. Yeah, great, so now many people across the US will be saying "oh yeah, Democrats lie and eat-out interns", instead of "Rupublicans lie to, debase and slaughter people". Do you really believe that everybodie's got something to hide except for Dick Cheney and his monkey? (on a good note-as if there's still hope-since I've evoked John Lennon, I overheard someone say at yesterday's catering gig from hell "...I mean there was a picture of Kerry and John Lennon 2gether, how cool is that?")

*Side note: ask me sometime about when I met Clinton. Also, ask me about when I met Kerry (he was actually pretty cool yo, not like Clinton, who appeared in the guise of a clown). I ahven't met Bush, but then again, if I had, I might've had to beat his ass.

...So, Washington is invoking Hitler in some ads against Kerry. Are they for real? They call the Dems A "coalition of the wild-eyed"... ooooooohhhh, scary. Why doesn't Kerry & Co. fire right back and call our fascist government a coalition of near-sighted madcow fuck-heads or something? This IS "a time for pessimism and rage"...

...did you read how Dickface Cheney "felt better afterwards" after he "probably" cursed at a senior Democratic official? How do these master magicians get away w/ this shit? "Off with his head" would be the rallying cry if someone from Kerry & Co. had said somthing to that effect... Bush/Cheney say that the extremely large laid-off/unemployed contigent of our country are merely "looking for the easy way out" in complaining about their predicament instead of going out an getting a a newly created fast-food job that pays most likely way less then any job previously held...

sigh... as inconceivable as it sounds, it is actually possible that we may have to endure 4 more years of Bullshit/Chaingang, and thus the inevitable collapse of civilization as we know it. I for one, cannot tolerate this. Too bad a revolution though, at least now, is impossible. Historically, revolution's need to be led by the rich. Why? Because the working poor are doing just that; working, and working, and working their fucking fingers to the bone. Who really has the time to organize such a revolt (and not over the internet)? Only the idle rich... but they're too busy trying to figure out what the next hit reality show will be... I commend Michael Moore. He's got cash up the fat-ass, and is going around Europe denouncing the US. He couldn't do that here though w/out getting slaughtered gang-style... Hey, where have Al Sharpton, Dean, Kucinitch (sp)been lately? Has the run for the presiDUNCEy beome such an ego trip to the whitehouse that if one's not promised the trone that they can no longer speak out? I guess not having the media outside your bedroom door anymore can make it hard to be heard, and they did spend lots of loot which they may or may not have to pay back themselves, but come on, grow a spine rich (and therefore powerful) people. You have no idea what it's like to never have the opportunities that you take for granted, to worry about rent on an hourly basis, to know that the future only looks good in the movies, to know that if you get sick, you get sick, to never know what other lands look/feel like (and have that not be your choice b/c of ignorance-as was the case w/ our President when he was wearing pampers and waging a snowball fight up in his nose). Fuck the 18 holes of golf and give back a little, huh?

Ok, I know I said that I was gonna be brief, but I thought I'd wear boxers instead. Then I decided just to go cammando.

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