Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My band Rollo plays Otto's this Wed 6/16 @ 10pm $5, hot rocks

My great aunt once told me that in the early 1900s,
Wednesday night was "the weekend in the middle of the
week". What better reason to swing by Otto's Shrunken
Head (formerly Barmacy, located @ 538 E.14th St.) this
Wednesday night 6/16 @ 10pm to see your favorite new
New York band Rollo play their first gig outa
Brooklyn. The cover is a paltry $5 and you get to hear
some hot rocks
-Alex, Hubert, John and Sally aka ROLLO


Rollo is:
Hubert Dulay-tweed guitar samurai
Alex Emanuel-joe strummer/vocalic leadoff
John Dillon-smasher of kit and lighter of it
Sally Donovon-blondie tonk vocalista sistah

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