Friday, July 02, 2004

Commando, or drab and just plain dirty?

Strange days indeed. The last few saw me; at one point carry tons of lighting equipment past a zillion naked fat guys (and one shaved sweet thang) along the sandy beaches of Rob't. Moses (I was not only wearing clothes, but jeans and a shirt-no shorts, however-as it was a commando shoot), auditioning to play L.Ron Hubbard, a gay coked-up German flight attendant, a Doctor who doesn't wear pants and a host of a show that focuses on apartment odor management, asking a gorgeous fire thrower out as well as an 18 yr. old Britney look-alike, tailing a thief who has a warrent out for his arrest on the street while 911 was on the horn, driving back and forth to Williamsburg 4 times w/in 4 hrs to mix a Rollo recording in an unregistered car, talking to a former pugilist who fought Tyson, Holmes and Holyfield, and watching the Red Sox go down like the hindenberg 3 times to the master race of all-star Yankee nazis. I can't possibly go into detail about all this shit before I crash (for the first time in days before 5am), but I will tell you about that first extra-testicle sighting, only b/c the tale has the word beach in it, and it's so goddamn hot right now... I entered the beach near the lighthouse, thinking that was where I was supposed to meet the photog and the rest of crew. It was a shoot about lil' kids though, so as soon as I saw the free hanging, heavily bloated shwans army, I knew I was in the wrong place indeed. I fled the naked prisoners of wharf (with all eyes on me as though I was the rat) and traversed the dificult terrain, blogged down with many, heavy instruments for the kill. I got to the shoot... ahhh, the safety of those all-volunteer little brats... ok, so that story went nowhere, and the way I led into it was even worse. well, as I'm apparently not entitled to much in my life I'm coming to realize, I am entitled to suck sometimes, esp. when my vodka rocks (has become) just plain rocks. Nevertheless, read this review of sorts of my blog power by a writer friend of mine who's opinion I hold in high regard: "'re a hugely talented writer, and it shows throughout your wonderful, extremely clever blog. You're currently in crisis-mode and it endows your blogs with a tension and pathos that marks all worthwhile writing. You're also honest too -- openly blistering to your enemies. This blog thing is new thing coming from you, and I definitely approve. I also really liked the lyrix that you put up on the site..."

...hey, noone told me Letterman had an ongoing skit called "Has George W. Bush been drinking?". Good for him, he has the platform, and really gave it that fuckhead the night I saw his show recently. I had completely forgotten about Dave, like most people, prefering on those rare occasions when I actually turned on the shit box at night to sit through that horrendous Leno show, b/c I knew I'd at least hear some self-depracating humor from Conan O'Brien afterwards (will not even mention that other Craig Stillborn dude, or Carson Daily Spews trite atonal ass-kisser). Fuck man, I also loved reading today that a smirking Saddam said in court, "This is all theatre" designed by President Bush, the "criminal", to win election. I may have to watch his show more often now too. The way CNN described his attire at the hearing too ("he wore a gray suit jacket, a starched white shirt, a belt, brown trousers, highly polished black shoes and brown socks") def. made him a candidate to replace Letterman when he leaves CBS. I guess the former Iraqi commander and cheif was going commando too, as there was no mention of what color undertrou he had on...

As my focus is out of focus tonight, I'm gonna de-blog and saw the log. I will leave you though with an announcement that Rollo's playing this Sat. night 7/03 after 11pm @ Luna (171 Ludlow St. b/w Stanton and Houston) for free, and another passage from "So You want to Be a Rock & Roll Star", by Sharon Lawrence:

"Chapter 25: Your Visual Image

Nobody could claim that Mick Jagger has the greatest voice in rock, but in many ways, he's got something better; he's got the Rolling Stones act together. (He knows) how to create atmosphere, how to constantly hold the audience's interest. (His voice) may be shot, but the audience will almost never notice, b/c the cream of rock performers know how to make it look good. These performers know how to move, what body english to employ to underline a song's lyrics, what facial expressions to exaggerate. These stars were once beginners like you. You don't want to look foolish or phony up there in front of all those people. You want to look and move and perform in a natural way, but with some punctuation to make each number display an appropriate amount of depth and feeling, so that all your songs together make an overall statement of your band's moods and energy level. Think about these things: 1) do the band members move well individually? 2) are any of the band members wearing too much jewelry, or faddish clothes that make them look passe, and generally exuding a " we're trying too hard to be rock stars" image? 3) are the band members wearing colors, or do some of them look drab and just plain dirty?"

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