Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dude, I wanna win somebody a car...

Middle of the night-enjoying the sound of the fan, feel of the rain in the air, and the overall calm of a city sleeping. Def. not a time for ranting about ranting. I will, however, post, as I'm obligated to do so, perhaps even by some higher calling... or at least by someone high who was just calling. Diehard baseball fan that I am, I would be remiss not to do a little Liver Sport spot and say something about the game at the All-Star break, though Kruk, Reynolds (who really does sound like Chris Rock, but look like Lyman Bostock) and co. have said it all. The All-Star festivities have somehow become a veritable All-Star week-probably one reason Commish Bud has called this era in time the new Golden Era of baseball (or perhaps that refers to the golden shower of urine testing that the government may sieze in its attempt to crack down on roid round trippers). Whatever the case, I just wanted to mention, as a Red Sox fan, that I'm genuinely psyched to see our own Paul Bunyunesque David Ortiz represent and enjoy himself so. Here's the rare unselfish ballplayer who gives the game a good name. This guy garners respect when he speaks up, and he carries a loud bat. No one hits better in the clutch and rallys for boosts and inspires his teammates like him, and, he manages to raise money for relief efforts in his homeland Dominican in his spare time. He also smiles from ear to ear and manages to appear both intense and happy go lucky at the same time. I love this guy, Steinbrenner's gotta be kicking himself for not seeing the potential Ortiz had. Hell, I'm not sure th Sox brass knew, as they mostly signed him as a favor to Pedro Martinez. Since then though, he's been MVP caliber, and like everything you'd hoped for from the Boomers, Sam Horns and Mos but were afraid to ask. It's amazing the Sox got him for peanuts (baseball peanuts that is; not to be confused with the kind you eat, but the kind that most people have to work two to three lifetimes to earn). Below are a few things King David the Jolly Green Monster Goliath Ortiz said today at the All-Star games home run derby. Perhaps he's kind of a Berra for the modern era...? Whatever the case, we dig David Ortiz here in Rollo Manhattan:

On the plethara of 500 homer hitters present:
"A guy walked through, I'm saying `I can't believe he hit 560 (home runs). I can't believe he hit 6-something. I can't believe he hit 7-something.' Dude, you know how hard it is to hit a home run? I had guys walking by me, all of them hit 500 homers. I was like, I'm going to try to win, but I already got what I wanted, to see those guys even once in my life. I had a lot of fun, dude. You know, from now on I'm going to [do well] in the first half, because I want to be in every All-Star Game."

Enthusiastically replaying the recent birth of his son:
"Saturday, July 10, 3:30 in the afternoon, right before BP," Ortiz said. "Seven pounds, two ounces. A big old boy." Does he look like a ballplayer? Another belly laugh. "He looks pretty much right now like a cartoon, believe me."

On his wearing a 3 piece suit (while other players were dressed casual) b/c his luggage didn't show up:
"My boys have been giving me such a hard time, but it's better to wear some clothes than to be naked. My suitcase with all my regular clothes, they're still in Boston. The look I was supposed to have tonight, I wore during the day, so I don't know, I might have to hide in my room tonight."

On whether there was any National League pitcher he was looking forward to facing:
"Randy Johnson. I'm just kidding, dude".

On Houston's Lance Berkman, who was 1st runner up in the dinger derby:
"How about Berkman, dude. He was awesome. I was expecting him to go lefty, and he was ... 'I'm going to put on a show here.' He put so much into it that one round that he got a little tired. The home run derby, dude, you get tired."

On teammate Manny Ramirez, who did his best to urge Ortiz on to victory, even walking to home plate during the middle of his round and rubbing his neck:
"He was trying to program me."

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