Friday, July 09, 2004

Breaking News 7/9/04: "U.S. Intelligence Exaggerated Iraqi Weapons Reports, THE Donald is NOT happy"

Naw, you don't say? You mean they... they lied to us? Get out! Well I'll be the monkey man's uncle... It's amazing how we're all still worried (like there's no tomorrow) that Bush is gonna win the upcoming election (hell, I am), when it should really be a landslide in Kerry's favor. If there was an incumbant in any other election who was fucking off like Bush has, we'd be writing his obit already, but this is the election after THE election. I think it very well may be a landslide, but no one is taking anything for granted this year. Mistrust of the system is rampant. The results of the fiasco of 2000, and the last four years of the (hands down)worst presidential term by far ever, have made us collectively wary as hell. That, and a renewed sense of activism, because we, the people, have been cheated, are perhaps the only good things that one can say have resulted from the Bush coup of 4 years ago and his misteps since. These 2 results though, however fleeting, are pretty major, maybe even more so than any symbolic, temporary legislative triumphs that a regime may have. Should Bush and his new running mate -b/c you know he'll get a new running mate, even though Cheney will still be in charge (pulling the strings from his underground bunker where he undoubtedly has naked manservents on leashes)-win, heads'll roll, mark my words. Some naysayers say we might be better off if that happens, as revolution will be that much closer. Perhaps, but I do think we'll all be too beaten down to revolt the way a society ought to revolt by then, as we'll be living under the gun even more so than we are today. It won't get to that point though, b/c Bush family presidencies are historically one-term too-long presidencies anyway, and it is important to heed the lessons from history...

One more thing, Donald Trump, yes, THE Republican Donald has called the Iraq war "a mess". "What's the purpose of the whole thing?" he asked as he flipped his 4 foot comb-over. He went on to say "how is it possible that we can't find a guy who's 6-foot-6 and supposedly needs a dialysis machine? Can you explain that one to me? We have all our energies focused on one place-where they shouldn't be focused." He refused to comment on whether or not he would fire Bush, nor did he shed any light on his unusual do. Apparently, he wasn't speaking of Osama Bin Laden either when he talked about the 6'6" guy, but about the Knicks getting guard Jamal Crawford. He believes they are going in
the wrong direction with their possible pursuit of Kobe Byant and/or Shaq. When told that Crawford is actually only 6'5", not on dialysis, and a marginal talent who might not be the best investment for a team trying to make the playoffs next year, he... oh what's the use.

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