Saturday, July 24, 2004

"Too bad that all the people who know how to run this country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair" -George Burns

Oh God, hot damn. A couple of quick thoughts:

There's a new reality show called "Amish in the City". My first instinct was to second the reviewer who's review I read said that this was totally unacceptable and repugnant TV programming (as if previous reality shows haven't been). I do think we're treading into some pretty dangerous territory here when we exploit those whose beliefs are "old fashioned" or not consistent with the media, but the review failed to mention that taking some Amish kids to LA and introducing them to vices and other temptations that run against their cultural ways of thinking is in keeping with the common practice of the Amish of sending their teens away for a year to f*ck around int he city so that they know what the outside world has to offer. I forget the name of this ritual, but I believe there was a story not so long ago where an Amish teen got busted for dealing coke while he was on one of these excursions to manhood. Exploiting this rite of passage in a TV show though still smacks to me of some form of slave trade or something though...

Governor Arnold "Kindergarden Cop" Schwarzenegger called some Democratic legislators "girlie men". Campaign advisor for the CA Dem party said in reply "I've always considered him a jerk, and this just reinforced that". It also won't be the last mistep by the barbarian I'm sure, and it's just a matter of time before he starts showing his Nazi ways. Terminate his governorship, asap.

Hey guys, no more tucking, according to the fashion police, shirt tails are a flyin'. Damn, so I've been at the forefront of future fashion forever and I didn't even know it...

Liver Sports report: The Yankees are 10 games ahead of the Red Sox in first place with the best record in Baseball and they've reahced a "crisi point" in their starting rotation, so much so they they are most likely going to persuade the Diamondbacks to give them Randy Johnson, on eof the best pitchers of all-time, for most likely Miguel Cairo or something. When is enough enough? In getting rid of George W. Bush, I think we should also consider sacking George Steinbrenner, as he may in fact be ruining baseball like Dubya's been ruining the country.

So, NY Post Master Murdoch is bankrolling Ralph Nader's book to get the Nader word out there, like he really cares about what's written. This news comes to us just as we hear that republicans accross the country are helping Nader get on the Prez ballots by signing them like theres no tomorrow, to insure that Nader voters are not "disenfranchised". F*cking lying, self serving hypocritical bastards. Let's take the advice of Devo and Holocaust survivor Michel Thomas, who really experienced the collapse of a Democracy. Listen to this man when he reminds us that "Hitler did not come to power by force, but by the rules of Democratic law... it was the uneducated people who brought Hitler to power". Sound familiar? Look, I voted for Nader once already, but now's not the time, dig? Don't be stupid.

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