Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"The party-unifying target is that Man in the White House and his coldblooded coterie of warmongering neocon homophobic tax cutters"-William Safire

I wish I came up with that line... Ahhhh, convention time. Fresh from hosting the greatest rivalry in Sports, with 3 high-scoring slugfests (and I mean slugfests) between the Bronx Bombers and the Red Sawx, b/w A is for Asshole Rod, Ruben Sier-ROID, Gary Shef- Boy-our-D(efense is Better than the Red Sox Defense) and co. vs. Jason Vari-TKO, Craig Let's Panic, No More? Garciapara and co., Boston rallied to take on those great white Elephant Republicans, with speachafying up the wazzoo. First, let me get the rest of my little Liver Sport thought out of the way. This Yankee Military-Might defeat by the hands of the Better Dead than Red Sox proved to be a series that not only saw 2 new spellings for Miller time (Millar Time and Mueller Time) for us dedicated Sox fans, but I think it also may have breathed a little fire into the Dem convention, which has helped make some of those wind bags soar. Not that they needed to see A-Rod get his face shoved in, but it may prove to be symbolic of hopefully flattening the GOP Fat Cats in November. Now, onto the major players at the Convention thus far: well, let's face it, Bill Clinton is just a damn good speaker. I, for one, remaina bit wary of Bill and Hill (Hill esp.), but Bill can still drill and thrill like no other. I missed poor Al gore's speach, but I'm happy the man has a platform to remind us fo some of those wrong doings 4 years back that have led to all those wrong doigns by the Bush Klan these past 4 years. I read that he asid something like "I, being the first person laid off by this administration..." or something like that. Brilliant. Tonight, I heard a few speaches: those by Dean, Gephardt, Ron Reagan and Teddy K, but the speach that delivered the most was the one by this Obama guy from IL. No wonder they say that he'll be the first black Prez (when he's not even a Senator yet). This skinny Jim has got it; the voice, the compassion, the charisma, the looks. Tim Russert's Tiger Woods analogy was a little too obvious, and didn't need to be said (becasue it's kind of demeaning-I mean, Golf isn't even a Sport), we were all thinking it. I missed Teresa Heinz Kerry's speach, so I don't know whether she told Dick Cheney to "Shove It" (by the way, that's waht A-Rod told Varitek-you see, Cheney doesn't realize that his verbal diarhea affects people. I used to think of A-Rod as a Tiger Woods type, but no more, as I said, A is for Asshole Rod), but I do know how pathetic it is to hear that Conservatives accross the country are now boycotting Heinz Ketchup. You'd think that they already would have been using only Hunt's Tomato Catsup, as H.L. Hunt was a notorious Right Winger...

Ok, sleep awaits-have to rise way too early for a shoot, and my thoughts are getting sloppy. I had more to spew, but will have to wait until Wed.

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