Monday, February 19, 2007

Insane, Britney shears in public, then surgically attaches mane to bald pussy to assure no more bad pubic publicity... and what does this mean?

More to the point, do I care? Heck, maybe she enjoyed it when her gash was splashed all over the news, and so she's decided to shave it all off... I dunno. She may very well be going down the Anna Nicole hole, which is too bad, but then again, at least her survivors will be well taken care of financially. Call me cruel for saying that, but come on?! Get it together people, I can't even pay my bills, make rent or headway in my career, and here's a couple people shitting it away. I mean I see a women wearing just a box in fucking 15 degree weather on the streets of New York during a record horrible winter, and I'm supposed to give a naked mole rats ass that Britney is having a nervous breakdown?! Ok, maybe there is nothing more important then finding out exactly who America's Next Top Model is, or then knowing whether a certain multi-million dollar a year athlete will be able to cope with and enjoy playing this coming year knowing he's not signed yet the following year. I may have already mentioned it once in SNOT, but mediocre Baseball cowboy Kevin Millar once said (when asked about not being signed to multiyear contracts) something to the extent of, and I paraphrase "hell, I'm privelaged to be able to play, and after my first year in the Majors I had enough money in the bank to set up my family and my brother's family for the rest of their lives". Have we come this far below the threshold of reporting, and therebye, caring about, what really is going on and what really matters in this world that the whereabouts of a contract extension, or, for that matter, Britney's pussy covering gets more coverage then the wherabouts of a place to live, or, for that matter, Osama Bin Laden? When I was young, people used to talk about my generation as being jaded and cynical as though that was a bad thing, well it is the only thing now, and can you blame that when the only thing that floats is bullshit? Who's to blame? Well, truth be told, the media does spread this shit like peanut butter, but it's Mr. Shit himself that has to take the fall. Who's Mr. Shit? Well. there are many Mr. Shits out there, and they're running the shit show (Bush, Trump, Steinbrenner, Ovitz, blah blah blah, you know who you are, keep hiding). It'll take one of 'em who rise above the rest of the splatter and say enough is enough, for there will not now, or ever be a revolution, let alone a change of course, without the help from the rich, that we know, b/c, well, for one thing, the poor are just plain too fucking busy working their asses off just trying to stay alive. But one rich turdlet like Britney dropping like a fly doesn't fly, that only breeds sympathy, and hasbeens like Jane Fonda and Sally Field announcing that they've renounced plastic surgery at age 70 (to show that aging aint bad) just doen't cut it. History shows us that a member of the wealthy class has to gather up the humbled masses first. Who's that gonna be, not Britney, that's for sure. Gisele? Derek Jeter? Not likely them either, so why should we pay so much attention to all these folks other for then b/c of their lone skills, and by paying attention to them, I also mean pay them outrageous amounts of cash, that they just hoarde (yes, that's all they do with it, a sprinkle here and there for a charity now and then like seasoning on a steak in the heart, but really, they just use it to make more for themselves, b/c one house and car just aint enough, now is it?). That's the question of the day I want answered in the papers, or on the boob tube reality shows, etc. Fuck, I'd audition for that show: "Who wants to lead a million out of poverty and suffering?"... but no, Britney is suffering, so we put all our bills and debts and uninsured health and miseries on hold for another pathetic miniseries about a bimbos fall from grace. Didn't we learn anything with Marilyn Monroe? They say that history repeats itself too, but I'm afraid that's all they mean these days by that.... Anyway, I do have a sense of humor too (it's going by way of my diminished sense of pride), and while I cannot care about Britney's plight, I can stare (and chuckle) at her Kojak impersonations above n' below with the rest of 'em... Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

you obviously don't know much about MENTAL illness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney is sick! but you want us to feel sorry that Heath ledger is gone? oh, you met him and he was a wonderful guy, blah blah blah..didn't he throw it all away with DRUGS?? stop picking on Britney! again, SHE IS MENTALLY ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!