Friday, February 09, 2007

David Wrong

So, duh Post (who else?) reported the other day how NY Met's star David Wright visitted the White House recently to shoot the shit about baseball and Iraq and stuff with moron in chief George Dubyah-ew! Bush. Now we all know that baseball players (and atheletes in general) are not supposed to be the sharpest tools in the shed, I mean we don't pay them outrageous amounts of cag for their wit and intelligence, now do we? Of course, there are quotable exceptions to the rule, like Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Pedro Martinez, Joe Torre, Johnny Mac, George Forman, The Greatest, Kareem Abdul Jabbar (and I'm sure some football and hockey players I can't think of now) to name a few, who've marveled us with their skills on the court, field and btw the ropes, and then some, but most of the time it's as it should be: "shut up and play, ok?". As far as David Wright is concerned, I like this guy, I mean how can you not? I may be biased b/c I met him in person (at his Hard Rock Cafe David Wright foundation fundraiser), but let's face it, he plays the game right. He's got an abundance of skill, an award winning goofy smile, a penchant for charity, and a sort of lovable dumbness about him, ala a do-gooder Manny Ramirez (without the attitude, corn rows and mental lapses). I could easily call him out on his choice of having vacant headed and bland voiced Nick Lachey sing at his fundraiser, but that's not enough to sour me on this guy....

This may be, however, and now puts David Wright in the category of those celebs to watch out for (but not for good reasons, b/c he may seriously screw things up for himself in the future if he keeps acting so publically dumb. Mark my words, I hope we don't have to whatch his head grow either, but keep tabs on it, cuz it may get real big and full of itself (not smarts). How sweet it woulda been if Mr. Wright had told Bush that he was wrong, and then, clubbed him with a baseball bat to prove a point. But no, David kissed Goliath's pimply ass, saying he had "goose bumps all night" while dining with El Presidumbo. Listen to his words: "sitting accross from the president, the leader of the free world, it was a once in a lifetime experience"... ok cliche buy, gotcha, and since when has this world been free? The coolest thing out of Wright's mouth was when he said "the president definitely knows his baseball", but only b/c it suggests that the presidunce definitely does not know his politics. He went on to say that "knowing how busy the president is, for him to spend that much time with us was really something special"... yawn. Hey, haven't you read the papers David, this president has taken more vacations then any other president, ever, and he obviously is trying to avoid work at all costs. You may have been living a dream in going there my boy, but the White House has been like a freakin' fantasy camp already for the manchild who lives there these past 6 years, and trust me, I'm sure these days our fearful leader would rather be out shagging fly balls and hitting the batting cage then sitting in the world cage he's in. You shoud've just given him a signed batting helmet and left it at that, cuz he's gonna need one the next 2 years just to shield himself from all the 90 mile an hr. hardball criticism that's rightly gonna be thrown at him. Hell, you could probably do as good a job (if not better) then your hero, so from now on, why don't you do the Wright thing, David, and keep it on the field, ok?

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