Saturday, March 03, 2007

Neighbors, "C-I-L mah lan lawd" and the like

So, it's been a couple weeks since I last posted. Why? Well, been scrambling a bit b/c I'm up for a new lease soon, but with Nazi landlords my getting one is not a done-deal. Speaking of apts., tennants and the like. I had an unusual encounter recently with my next door neighbor. I was coming home one night, walking up the stairs, when I ran into my super coming down the stairs. She proceeded to tell me how my neighbot was causing a ruckus and the tenent right below her was about to call the cops. I decided to intervene in order to help out my neighbor, as she's always seemed pretty cool, and who wants the cops called on you, y'know? I knocked on hert door, but what I saw was hardly what I expected to encounter. Yes, as advertised, she was stoned drunk, but what was unexpected was that she was stark naked. I stood there, with the door open, and reasoned with her, telling her to just let whatever beef she had go, but it was kinda hard to concentrate and divert my eyes, let alone listen to her standing there talking to me in the raw, full blonde bush and all... not half bad for a mid 40's women too. I'd just come back froma failed date, and believe you me, I woulda pounced if given the invitation... This leads me to the display you're about to see: here's an actual letter I got from a psycho neighbor while I was living in Northampton, MA, circa 1989. I played guitar, acoustic guitar, and walked around in my apt., as one does, and one day I get this visit from a ripped dude with tats from head to toe, only tighty whiteys on and a dumb bell in hand. He tells me to quiet down, which i do. The next day, however, I get this note talking about "bad blood", that his "kids locked up 20 years old", and that my guitar playing and "stomping" is "hurting (his) health and happiness". Needless to say, I moved out. I sure as hell am not moving out of my place now, so until I solve this shite, you may be hearing less from me...

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