Friday, September 03, 2004


...and be sure to tune into "Snot" this Sat. 9/04, b/c yours truly worked as a cater troll mole @ the RNC this past week (can you believe it?!), and man or man have I got some shit to tell you... You don't want to miss the inside skinny as I relate to you all the feverish lowlights-Rollo Manhattan

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Ron Brynaert said...

I heard you were a note-taking fool at the hate-fest. Hope you got some good dirt to spill. I also hope you didn't take it personally when me and 599,999 of my comrades passed by your workplace screaming and flipping you the finger. But you've been to Yankee Stadium so you should be used to that.
Ron Brynaert
Cool pictures and stories of the protests at: Why Are We Back In Iraq?