Thursday, September 16, 2004

"I wanna no if you like me or knot becuz mad people telling me mad stuff? Jus tell me ur self"

...fresh direct from a "note" I found yesterday on the sidewalk.

*Friends & journey people*,
my band ROLLO is playing a FREE early show @ the Luna Lounge (ok, so they're all free there) tonight, Thursday, September 16th @ 9pm sharp! If you haven't yet been initiated into the glorious cult of rockability that is ROLLO and their raw, fuel injected raunch n' roll stylings, well this may be your perfect opportunity! ROLLO, giging in the metropolitan area only since May, has been compared favorably to the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, X, Television, JSBX, Jet, Blondie, the Pixies and the Stones (as
well as many other kickin' bands), so don't be left behind the curve! Hope to see you @ the FREE rock show... Luna is located @ 171 Ludlow Street in the scenic Lower East Side of Manhattan. Yours-RM

===== (hear our music, see what we look like n' shit)

Rollo is:
Hubert Dulay-tweed guitar samurai
Alex Emanuel-joe strummer/vocalic leadoff
John Dillon-smasher of kit and lighter of it
Sally Donovon-blondie tonk vocalista sista

Rollo upcoming live performance fiestas:
Thursday, 10/07 @ The Knitting Factory 830pm
Saturday, 11/06 @ The Lakeside Lounge 1030pm
New Years Eve @ Wembly Stadium w/ Mick and the Stones via direct satalite feed from Uranus


Ok... other news: I saw an ad on craigslist for stupid human tricks and decided to apply. Why the hell not, every freakin' reality show out there is about stupid humans these days, and this would only be for a minute or so. My proposal (thought up in about 2 sex flat) was the following:

"...for the duration of the time alotted me the "trick", I'd like to rock in a rocking chair while rolling up a de-rolled roll of toilet paper, as Paul and the band play "Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled" by Led Zeppelin. As it would have been a "long time" since I'd done that, I'd display the utmost emotion while doing the dumb deed"... sound stupid enough?

Has this been the worst Presidential race ever or what? When are these guys going to debate? November 1st? It's like a f*ckin' reality show itself, with the 2 people on the the "Sureal" World (an actual reality show concept I have, ask me about it, but don't steal the fucker)who;ve been thrown into bed with each other but can't stand each other's guts slingin' mud balls left and right. It's plain to me, and should be to the rest of the country (unless we really are as dumb as we look), that W has GOT TO GO. This guy is re-writing the constitution b4 our eyes, seizing documents that should be made public, polarizing the country b/w the ultra rich and super poor like NEVER before (no, WORSE then the 50's, 60's 70's my friends), dragging us into WWIII, and bold-faced lying to the people about this, that and every other f*ckin' thing. Wake up and smell the smoking oil I say, open up your history book to Germany in the 30's and read the fine print. Yeah, so Kerry has screwed up (thank God he has Carville aboard), who made Nader our savior? (not to mention W of course). The elephantitis party has been calling democrats big government flip floppers since the stone ages, what else is knew? Go to the museum of Broadcasting and watch them spin the same yarn of deceit since the dawn of television. Check out what the American Conservative Union insultingly has to say about Kerry and the Vietnam thing, and honorable man who admirably served out country and questioned an unjust war: "as a young hard-shell leftist who had turned against the war, Kerry may have had an ideological predisposition to favor the communist regime of North Vietnam" (?!?!)"the more you examine Kerry's involvement with the Vietnam Vets against the War, the more you see what a histrionic production it was, what a piece of street theater: Bogus veterans. Bogus medals." Here's another propaganda snippet about Kerry, this time about the present war: "You'd have to search carefully through the annals of American history to find a U.S. Senator whose public statements have been better crafted to demoralize our troops at war or to embolden our enemies to resist us more resolutely." Give me a break.

Ok, I've gotten about as riled up as I need to be today, should've perhaps written this stuff right before I played tonight. I just want to leave you with one other thing. The other night I did a focus group for NY radio (Q104.3 I'm sure, though they wouldn't tell us). What a sham. They gathered about 3 guys my age in a room, and gave us a "Mix Master
Perception Analyzer Device" (serious) to rate 800 song snippets (yes, 800... 3.5 hours) that would help decide programming. It was painful with a capital p for pissed off yo. I had to sit through countless Billy Joel cuts, Elton John, what have you. The "new" rock that was included consisted of 3 Nirvana tunes and 5 Pearl Jam songs... ouch. The other "new" music they had was one Elvis Costello song, 2 Clash songs, the worst of U2, 2 Cars songs and... well, that's it. Afterall, music aint what it used to be the powers that be tell us. This is so sad. Yes, I sound like a broken cd I'm sure, but come on...

Next up: some overdue Liver Sports thoughts (yay for Russian tennis chix, much as I always have a spot spot for Jenny and a (albeit "harder", if you catch my drift) soft spot for Serina), as well as a few slices from a lil' book called "A Guide to Better Living: A Practical Handbook of Enormous Scope", that tells you, among other things, how to: "be a better marriage partner", "enjoy work", "overcome tensions", "improve your appearance" and "make use of new scientific developments". Oh boy, I can hardly wait...


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