Friday, August 13, 2004

A Long day's journey into an even longer day still

Ok, so it's been a while. site meter says that I may have lost all those that were consistantly reading "snot" over the 2 weeks that I've failed to entry-tain the ideas that had made this blog the runaway success that it's never been. Unbelieveable that here it is Friday the 13th of August and this is my first rant of the month. I've got so much to talk about that I don't even know here to start. The only way to do one of these things is do it like you light up; the feeligns just gotta come on and then it's too late to turn back-and suddenly among the throngs of the young hacking a lunger full of dung out of hunger from the tongue. Before I try to dislodge some dis from my memory of my last 2 weeks lost, I have a couple o' announcements for you (are you there?):

Tonight, Friday the 13th, I the musician am playing with my ultra-band Rollo ( at Trash in Billyburg, and I urge you all to follow me down to mash the jillyglurg with the multitudes of villyslurg that'll be rawkin'. Trash is located at 256 Grand Street, b/w Driggs and Roebling-you just take the L train to Bedford and walk a few blocks in hipstervile until you here the pied piper of Rollo. We're set to roll at 10pm-ish, and there'll be some other fine bandersnatchers there to rip it up as well b4 and after: Bolero, Junkface, Walk Humongous and The Bosol...

Sunday night at 945pm, I, the actor, will be actoring in a hilarious new spot-on, topical Fring Fest play called "Live Coverage". It's being put on by project 7, and the other showtimes are: Wed 8/18 @ 3pm, Fri 8/20 @ 945pm, Wed 8/25 @ 445pm and Sun 8/29 @ Noon. The venue is the Access Theatre, located at 380 Broadway, on the 4th Fl. (just 2 blocks south o' Canal Street). "Live Coverage" is the most trusted name in satire, and is a play about Women, Iraq, the Media and Camels. For tix, go to, or call 212-279-4488...

I will now close this entry and get on to the nitty.

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