Friday, August 13, 2004

Lethargic shleppers only arts grub jam

... the nitty's gotta wait. I will try to fill you all in sometime this weekend though about Maine, "the way life should be", their southern flea markets, driving, driving and more driving, being an "older brother" figure to young hotties who can't seem to not let others look up their dresses, faulty reports about flying Devo boners, No more Garciapara, Tyson the twig, rehersing with 51 yr old ex-beauty queen stewardesses who love guys with poney tails, slinging margaritas until I'm sweating tequila, exploding shellac in the face, impenetrable DMVs and the Xmas tit lights on the SE corner of Bowery and Houston in my next enrty in the blog dragon.

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