Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Babe I'm not gonna leave you (Redemption Blog).

Happy Birthday Babe Marley. Yeah, I've been the slackest of the slackiest in regards to posting on here. What has it been, over a year? Maybe I'll look back and post some pics from my absence, does that make up for my complete and utter lameness? Facebook, yes, I said the dreaded F-word, has consumed my words, for better or for worse. That must stop, it's all too ephemeral on there, and I do not need the accolades and adoration of others for my posts, i just need you: the non existent readers of this blog, who haven't stuck with me (for I have barely stuck with myself) over the past 9 some-odd years. Yes, I will write more, until I once again write less. I promise. I've got a forum here to let loose the gobs, so I may as well, correctamundo? There has, after all, been a lot of snot, I mean "so much trouble in the world", Know what i'm sayin'? Here comes the return of the sultan of snot, Rollo Manhattan (applause applause). In the meantime, enjoy this here pic I photoshopped up for yous.

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