Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deserted City of the Heart Cooks Brain.

"Happy V Day" is what I got (and sent) today via text to and by those I dig (who may or may not dig me). Interesting how the word Valentine is shortened by many to one letter, which makes one recall D Day, aka the Day of "decision" in WW2 when 150,000 Allied soldiers landed on the shores of Normandy. In truth, the "D" in D Day may simply have referred to the "day" of invasion, decisive or not, and it's commonly misinterpreted to be a shortened version of Dooms Day. Decisive? Doom? Both potentially work for Valentine's Day, which has never been my favorite Holiday. Though I've always had a reputation as a womanizer, real or exaggerated, I've almost always found myself alone on this day, deserted (cue the violins). Thankfully, this V Day I'm meeting someone later, a beautiful Argentine woman half my age I met on the subway (!) who will soon desert me :( for her native land (cue said violins again). Oh well, I shall deem myself lucky in the interim and make sure she does not desert me for long, though I do wish I weren't suffering from cold symptoms right at this moment (violins go berserk).

Now I've already posted via Facecrack (thanks Gay Cowboy, that term is perfect) my anthems for the day (see Cream, Modest Mouse and more) and have just read some silly article in the NY Times about how actresses heart rockers "He Sings. She Acts. They Date." Um... really? Well I have one thing to add to that: Hey actresses, y’know I sung and played guitar/bass in rock bands for years… Just sayin’. Come on'! The article really should read: He Makes Buttloads of Money Singing. She's a Famous Actress. They Date. I don't mean to be neg, but that's the real truth there...

Anyway, I would be quite happy with this gorgeous Argentine, subway-ridin' tourist, actresses can be head cases, truth be told, and I'm not goin' back to the rock grind. On that note, gotta run. Happy V Day people of the interwebs who don't read this blog I keep forgetting about, and may cupid get all stupid with y'all, cuz it really does help to not be on your lonesome on this silly Holiday. I already experienced that this past XMas/NYE Holiday season yet again, and it blows. Now it's just tomorrow and the next day I have to think about, and most importantly P Day (payday), let that love $hine down on me next. -RM

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