Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Button Your, Like, Lip

I've noticed that some people say "like" now before and after almost every word more than ever. This isn't a new phenomenon of course (see Valley Girl), I'm just wondering if the whole Facebook "like" button thing has exacerbated this annoying habit. Maybe there needs to be an "um", you know", "OmyGod" or "I mean duh" button to make that crap, like, even again.
By the way, if there was anyone reading this blog he or she may have noticed there's been a long time between posts, and perhaps before my last one as well, and so on and so on. With the advent of Facebook, I mean what's the point (of writing stuff here, and not there)? Ahhhh, the ephemeral question. Really, there is none, but I keep coming back, even if for just a short while, and I shall continue to do so damn you bet. So how about those Mets?

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