Thursday, November 19, 2009

I suck at blogging

so I'm just gonna put pictures on here that I take, maybe one a day, and write as little as possible... Ok, if, when I want to write more, I will, but I won't dwell on having to write something BIG or IMPORTANT. I thought that Twitter would be the answer to my blogging again, but that site is absolutely useless. Yes, you heard it here, Twitter is FUCKING USELESS BULLSHIT. Maybe Demi Moore has time to tweat about her new bedsheets or some crap, but I'm not gonna scroll all the way down to hell just so's I can follow some lame link.

I've decided to start blogging again this time because I fear that by only posting pix on my beloved Facebook, I'm essentially giving up those pix. Why? Because some people see Facebook as Big Brother, and I cannot necessarily refute such a claim. I dig the give and take on there, but the pro networking possibilities just aint happenin' there (and don't give me that Linked-in horseshit, that site is for frickin' wieners, a complete bore. As for FB, it's not for business, and it's not for fuck buddies, but it has a purpose, as I talk to friends I never talk to otherwise. Is that good? I don't know, but it aint bad. Seriously, I mean, what the hell has mystery ever done for me? Let me become famous and then I'll keep people guessin'. Right now though, I gots to simply get out there. I do know though that Facebook might not be the best place for my anti-establishment rants, however, so, hence, Snot has risen from the dead once again.


That said, I'm tired tonight (not that I'm sleeping too little, I'm actually sleeping far too much these days but...) and so I'm just gonna leave this entry with a pic I took today...

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