Friday, December 23, 2005

Liver Sport Retort... Hollidazed and abused

Johnny Damon is a phony turn-coat, trader Benedict Arnold "self proclaimed idiot" prick who's no longer Samson but De Liar. Yeah, the Bosox are an utter mess right now, lacking 3 key field positions (possibly soon a 4th), a leadoff batter and a GM, but you don't just become a Yankee like that, not if you have any class, or give a shit about the fans that made you the rockstar you think you are... shame. Heros=zero$, free agents are really secret agents, and agents, we all know, are really scum. Symbolic though of the way the general public is ignored, abused and left without faith by our government. We've got an out of touch Richy Rich hypocrite Mayor and a spying unrepentant Prez with blood on his hands and a mixture of oil and coke clogging the few synapses he has left and... oh, too hell with it. All the best to all of US with money to burn, money to wave and flags to wave. Money and the flag are synonomous, right, so why don't we burn them flags again then? Such a symbol hardly means what it used to, now it's about tipping ones cap 'n chewing the fat of tobacco while we shop 'till we drop, spend spend spend on our new ephemeral lil' gadets that are supposed to make us more in touch but are actually designed to keep us from interacting anyway. Goodwill to all men (designer duds at a smidgeon of the price can be gotten there). Really though, I love this time of year, drinking with the family, showing each other how much we mean to each other by spending money on gifts for one another... I do it. I also dig the nonsense holiday called New Year, when everyone gets so sloshed, champagnes a pop and pants a drop... let's all try and make our New Year's resolution be that we kick King George the bomber outa office, trounce NY's King George and his bombers on the unequal baseball playing field, and that the gloom n' doom of reality hits lil' Mikey Bloomberg finally, so that he reaches into his own pocket for things other than his dishonest campaign spending... and that we all get laid a heluva lot by those we really want to bed, those who need money get money and those who have too much of it stop sitting on it. All it's gonna do is give ya a fat ass anyway, so rock and unload... So long Johnny, we apparently hardly knew ya. You can take your cash flow an' run to first you leadoff jerkoff, but your integrity was cashed in when you shed your loyalty and flowing locks... still, I love New York (the city, not the team), born here, forlorn here, torn here an' can't wait 'til next year

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